Sultana Khan

lol look at this fucking guy:

I did note the named highway tradition, which I think very charming.

HamNo, this kind of feels like a long con to make your enemies go blind. I approve.

all i can focus on is how the people who have terrible opinions capitalize their names on slack

Kate, that Defense Systems article also says the AF is offering yearly $15K bonuses for airmen starting 2016, which is hilarious and sooooo like the military: Read more

Totally mesmerizing! I watched every video from start to finish!

Did it feel as good as being in David Brooks butthole?

I’d love to talk with that instructor. Tell them to email me at

That font looks like J’reg’s handwriting when he’s drunk.

I’d love to speak with her about her experience when she's finished!

Yes! And there are actually about 30 female soldier observers/advisors participating as well, just to make sure they are being held to the same (but not lower or higher!) standards.

So you can murder people *softly*

We should do a road trip from NYC to LA and film it!

... this article is incomplete.