Feb 24 2016

I turned the bathroom faucet at work (the single handle type) from Off to warm (full), warm (slow), warm (full), warm (slow), off, warm (slow), off, hot, cold, hot, cold, hand soap (left sink) hand soap (right sink) and then blow dryer. All I got was 52 extra rolls of TP.

Feb 24 2016

Get in your car, making sure it’s a manual. Shift, from neutral, up into 1st, back to neutral, up into 1st, down into 2nd, back to neutral, down into 2nd, use your turn signal to indicate a left turn, then a right turn, then a left turn, then a right turn, hit your brake, hit your gas (to Accelerate), then turn the Read more

Feb 24 2016

Is Ready Player One real? Is this guy a Gunter? Do I need to be searching for easter eggs so I can start my own space program? I think I need to start searching for hidden messages in the math behind the Konami code or some shit.

Feb 13 2016

The world is full of women who are catcalled every day and people of color who are racially profiled every day and fat people who are treated like they don’t deserve to be in public every day. Those things shouldn’t happen, either. We still don’t give those people excuses to steal others’ things.
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Feb 5 2016

I agree with you that the rage is over-done. However, I can see how it would be frustrating if everyone kept mentioning it to me over and over as something I might like because I’m “just like [stereotyped character]!” Read more

Feb 5 2016

...because it’s insulting. Popular, unoriginal shows like NCIS or King of Queens don’t get this level of hate because they’re less insulting (though you will find people who are insulted by at least the latter, and they don’t mind talking about it). Read more

Feb 5 2016

I hate it for the laugh track and the awkward pauses in dialogue that the actors make so the laugh track can be inserted.

Feb 5 2016

The I.T. Crowd and Community both prove that you can do a nerdy comedy and still understand what they’re talking about. Or hell, Chuck at the very least did a better job at promoting a Brian K. Vaughn story then The Big Bang Theory did.

Feb 5 2016

I suppose hating on the inexplicable hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory for portraying nerds poorly is like hating the birds for singing: it’s just what they do

Feb 4 2016

Take heart, at least they weren’t called ‘movie ending hacks’.

Feb 4 2016

I think it was Chekov who sagely said “10 GUNS GOING OFF THAT WERE SPOILED EARLIER IN THE MOVIE! #4 will astonish you!”

Feb 4 2016

Y’all do realize, the point of a spoiler isn’t just information, it’s information before you’re intended to get it, thus “spoiling” a reveal or important development. When you’re watching a movie and get a piece of information, you’re getting it exactly when you’re supposed to. It’s either foreshadowing or, you know, Read more

Jan 3 2016

You win. Way to lob rocks from the sidelines at the vehicles people use to try to improve themselves. Are crossfit and TED perfect? No way. Can they be cultish and obnoxious? Absolutely. But attempting to do something positive yet flawed is better than than than doing nothing at all. Don’t shit on people making an Read more

Aug 1 2014

I always considered Wash being Zoe's husband as being the reality of the characters.