Thursday 9:57AM

Oh, ridiculous.. gee, thanks! Yeah, I watched them too, they were okay, but I am widowed and living on social security as well, so paying $165 a month for 3 or 4 channels I could stomach was not worth it. (I also spent a lot of my career acting in and doing commercials/ voiceovers and I detest all that now. After Read more

Thursday 9:50AM

The less“stigma” of losing a breast the better. It’s really the stigma of having cancer in a visible way that freaks people out, and cancer is a very lonely disease as it is, so I can understand why some want to hide it  That’s the problem of healthy people though, not that of the patient!

I do wear my fake breast when Read more

Wednesday 6:13PM

I do most of those things. I have scoliosis, which affects my neck. I also have had this amazing thing called a BodyBridge for about 25 years. It’s a 180 degree arch that you stretch backward over. It provides passive traction, and relieves disc pressure and strain from leaning forward all the time. I have chronic Read more

Wednesday 5:59PM

Bravo franchises and similar programs were a key reason I cancelled cable and gave away my TVs. The bar is so low for entertainment across the board these days, and I’m too old to find drunken squabbling entertaining. I have what’s left of my family for that, and I haven’t seen them for over 10 years either!

Wednesday 5:55PM

Meh, everyone gets grumpy and I imagine this whole trip was exhausting. I don’t think the testiness on Biden’s part, (or Putin’s evasiveness for that matter) was gender based at all. Putin is a dissembler and answers the way Trump used to. Biden was just tired and pissy from having to be diplomatic for hours on end Read more

Tuesday 6:35PM

My post mastectomy implant was a nightmare and I had it removed 9 months after they put it in.
First off, I was nuts to have the expander put in at the same time as my tripled the pain and the healing time. I was going to have the expander removed and call it all off, but the Dr’s nurse talked me into Read more

Tuesday 6:11PM

I think the reason they couldn’t find anyone who knew Erika even “semi intimately” is because she has no true attachments to anyone and no long term friendships. I’m guessing, but she is always very removed from anything that doesn’t have to do with burnishing her image. She’s almost robotic and every sentence seems Read more

6/03/21 9:30AM

Men who deliberately wear clothes that are too small to emphasize their muscles are invariably self centered jerks. That tiny shirt makes me want to smack the shit out of him.

6/03/21 9:23AM

The overlap of habitat and the proliferation of the bear population makes me very sad for the bears. They get the short end of the does all wildlife when we encroach on habitat.

6/02/21 10:30AM

If I’m honest, I’m tired of romance in general. As Joni Mitchell once said;romantic love is a trick of nature”. Read more

6/02/21 10:27AM

ALL marriages require patience. I was married to my husband for 41 years right up til his dying day. Lots and lots of patience needed, especially when he got dementia and cancer. Read more

5/29/21 8:16AM

I can’t even count the number of people who, when interviewed after one of these horrible shootings, say things like”Yes he often talked about killing everyone, but I never took it seriously.”
Know what? Normal people don’t say that shit. Take it seriously. These people are never “kidding” or “just blowing off steam”. Read more