11/29/17 4:41PM

He had pink eye! Whereas Matt Lauer had his eye on pink.

...ewwww. that joke was bad.

11/27/17 3:57PM

I think it’s because he’s so damned sincere about his bro-ness and is far more goofy than he is douchey.  He’s like a big, stupid puppy that does dumb shit but but he’s endearingly harmless.

11/21/17 12:09AM

Cryptocurrency: for people who trust an elected government to be accountable to them so little that they put their trust in total strangers who are accountable to exactly nobody and nothing.

10/23/17 11:57PM

I haven’t seen a Carson perform this kind of magic since Carnac the Magnificent!

10/11/17 4:11PM

Is there a take on this other than Foerster is/was a dumb besotted older dude with substance issues that got fucked over massively by a stripper (presumably after some failed blackmail shakedown) who’s now trying to make it out to be some noble political act?

This is some cruel shit. Some dumb shit too. But the cruelty Read more

10/09/17 12:16PM

All of the Cowboys wives/girlfriends just invested heavily in American flag apparel.

10/09/17 12:05PM

I understood it as the Klingons on that ship literally starving and resorting to eating their enemy.

10/09/17 11:44AM

Technically James Wong and Glen Morgan LEFT the X-Files to make SAaB, and I Need more of was on the cusp.... Read more

10/08/17 9:48PM

Angriest Angel is STILL the single bestest space dogfight scene ever on any screen.

10/01/17 6:45PM

Lynch is a goddamn national treasure. It’s a shame half the fucking population can’t see that nor breathe through their nose. Long live Marshawn Lynch.

9/28/17 11:56PM

Thats one of the dirtiest hits Ive ever seen, period. He got held up by a defender, was basically down, and just a gross shot to the face. I don’t think Trevathan should be allowed to play again this year. What a disgusting thing to do to another person.

9/28/17 1:51PM

Sometimes I think I must be from another planet, because I loved the pilot. Ah well, IDIC!