Sep 10 2015

I want the national flowers of North Korea as adornments in my apartment. The Kimjongilia, a beautiful begonia, and the Kimilsungia, a lovely orchid.

May 7 2015

The really frustrating part is that I used to always post and do basically everything from my phone!

May 7 2015

I’m so sorry about your friends, both the young and the older, although 40 is still far too young.

May 4 2015

It’s funny — there are great comments here for comforting someone who wants to be a mom, and reinforcing others in our desire to never be moms. Such double duty.

Jun 13 2014

not a damn thing; I didn't know about the jezebel tips line. Now I do. And if people only left comments that were related to the article topic 1.) youtube would go out of business and 2.) you wouldn't get to write obvious ass questions. So I guess you're welcome.

Jun 12 2014

I dunno. The original tale presented rape as completely normal and romantic. The Maleficient story takes that back and makes it deplorable.