May 1


Character actors are the backbones of the acting world. The absolutely crucial everymen/women who fill out the worlds of the art we love and add humor, personality, and heart to things that the big names just can’t. And the consequence of that is they are often treated like the regular people they portray- low Read more

Apr 26

consider passing along this message to anyone who may be considering taking medical advice from a president with no background in medicine Read more

Apr 26

“… it is with pain that I say this, a small but very vocal percentage of Americans are stupid,..” Read more

Apr 24

Birx is the embodiment of a Karen (the 53%) and the mother of 75% of Jezebel posters. Wait a few years until her daughters write a tell all about just how wickedly she tortured them while playing June Cleaver to the world. Oh, and she had absolutely NO IDEA her husband was raping them in the living room either!

Apr 24

At this point the only people who would drink bleach are his supporters. To them I say “CHUG-A-LUG mothafuckers! Make sure you drink the Clorox and not that diluted dollar store shit. Go for quality!”

Apr 18

Do you remember when the entire republican party started a culture war because one woman with no functional brain capacity and no hope of recovery had her feeding tube removed? Now those people are screaming that meemaw’s gotta be sacrificed to reopen Olive Garden.
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Apr 15

If there was justice the names of these vile fuckers would be plastered all over the news. Why? They were blocking the entrance to a hospital. If anyone of these low life sacks of shit gets COVID-19 make sure they get no treatment. Yeah I know it may illegal or unethical but send them home. Don’t admit them if needed. Read more

Apr 14

Nah, she probably gets all her boxes from the trash, wraps stuff up in ‘em like used needles and Kleenex, hands ‘em to her kid as a gift. Read more

Apr 3

Exactly. They weren’t chanting “Blacks will not replace us!” in Charlottesville.