May 2

 Moments are loading so sporadically at this point, plz the root moves to not a buzz feed presence. I can’t even scriol up to reference the text at this point. ON IPAD PRO WITH CRAzy connectivity. Anywho, Univision or whoever owns ‘this site now—— my page clicks stop tomorrow. Either have a community or don’t. But Read more

May 2

Losing a “hey, I love that guy” is a loss. I hope all our beloved character actors know how much they touch us in the long run. I’m deeply sad about losing our Ted.

Apr 27

Don’t hurt yourself with that stretch. The fact of the matter is that she should have been tested and treated at the very least because she was one of theirs. Instead she died. Healthcare workers are just regular people not super heroes and they have the exact same biases and flaws as everyone else does. 

Apr 26

There’s an AIDS episode of Designing Women when some southern Karen screams about it killing “all the right people.” Oh how the worm has turned. Keep drinking Lysol MAGAts. It makes teh libz SO MAD.

Apr 21

I needed this today. I haven’t had a hit of my favorite drug-the rush of pride and hope these wonderful kids give me when they speak so openly and vulnerably about their power and future-in what feels like forever. I’m stunned by admiration for all of these wonderful young women who excel and know who they are and Read more

Apr 16

Enjoy your huff. Hope you’re male, white, and rich! That’s the only way you should feel safe from these people. Otherwise you might want to consider what on earth you think protects you from them (political opponents? Lol) wishing you dead.

Apr 15

There’s a side by side of this with a poster for Shaun of the Dead. So good eye!

Apr 13

Is this even a real job anymore? Didn’t they stop doing press briefing with the “Press Secretary” like a year ago?

Apr 3

Hi Jakki! I don’t come into the clapback often because it makes me fucking crazy but I’m glad I did today. When I feel compelled to comment on the mailbag it’s 100% because of letters like you sent in. I am also a white woman though not Jewish. But it’s because you are a Jewish person that we need to speak. Read more

Apr 1

Omg I haaate politically motivated viruses. One visit per campaign is about all I can stand but jeeeeeeezzzuuuuuus if you sign ONE thing for a virus they will not stop showing up. Tbh, I had to tell Bernie viruses I’d set the dog on them if they came back again. The Warren campaign wisely assigned their viruses to enve Read more

Apr 1

You might want to rethink starting your day with tequila. You sound a leeeeetle unhinged.

Apr 1

Be glad you hate coffee. I’ve been crazy spoiled by my local roaster for the last few years. Really excellent coffee that has the perfect balance of chocolate and bitter. I ordered new coffee a couple weeks ago. It’s still not ready. I’m drinking some grocery store stuff that is a step up from 7-11 but it’s making my Read more

Mar 31

In case anyone is looking for entertainment, your local library probably has an app. I’m going through my reading list like crazy. So is everyone else if the speed of my holds coming through is any indication.

Mar 31

Whatever cranky pants. I’m reading 1000+ pages a day, I get to hang out with my husband (he’s super fun) and I have time to replay all the games I haven’t touched in forever. AND I haven’t had to deal with a shitbird (some of my coworkers are the fucking worst) in aaaaaaaaggggggeeeeeees. It’s awesome. Get some empathy Read more

Mar 31

Welp you definitely stuck that song in my head so you have successfully reached out and touched someone today! 

Mar 24

Any time I start to feel any sort of compassion for MAGAts, any time I start to recognize their humanity in spite of it all, just as my poor little bleeding heart opens it’s little arms to brain steps the fuck in. Read more

Mar 19

I am not but there’s very little difference in the work no matter where you are.