As somebody explicitly in this shit for the wizards, I'm yet to be sold. Read more

"Do you want to look like an Old?" Read more

Requesting similar article about agendered/neutral-gendered people! Read more

Now imagine an eyeball that big rolling around inside your own head. You'd feel it in your dang cheeks. Read more

I draw. Sometimes people like to say that they admire the ability to draw, and wish they could do it. I always tell those people it's totally possible to learn - you just have to practice - and nobody ever believes me. But the reason I can draw is because I've spent 15 years learning how! It's not magic! Read more

It was a promotional thing so I'm 90% sure she was paid to be there/do aforementioned free throws. I do not remember how she did and I am very sorry this is not a better story, everyone Read more

I don't have anything to say about this feud but I DID go to a party in LA one time where Amber Rose was doing free throws at an indoor basketball court for some reason Read more

You can't see me, but I'm rolling my eyes so hard it's physically painful Read more

that is indeed the nugget in question Read more

I've been sitting here putting tiny zines together for hours now guys Read more

Didn't you post the rabbit dog last week? You're my favorite. Happy Valentine's. Read more

A bunch of friends of mine just lost their jobs at formerly-SOE. This industry is nightmarish. Read more

They have it at some American convenience stores! I used to see banana and strawberry-banana flavored Nesquik. They're good! Read more