Honestly, some of these already exist. For example, Jaguar/Land Rover has been doing this for years. The AJ series of motors from these last few years were all originally based on the V8. That supercharged V6? Yeah, it’s the V8 but with two cylinders missing - the block is the same length and size. In fact, it costs

Good Lord, the paying for the ad free experience is already on the way, it has to be.  I got goosebumps when I read that one.   Read more

Is this the funniest AOTD? It’s gotta be up there.
It’s also the most terrifying AOTD!I hope no manufacturers ever see this...
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What about an EV battery that locks you out of some of the available range in your battery unless you pay extra? Read more

BMW is already beginning to charge for heated seats. Welcome to hell. Read more

Cops didn’t kill anyone. The driver of the stolen car tried to avoid spike strips and crashed into someone.  Read more

Cool, so it sounds like you have a workable policy for what pursuits should look like, their threshold of acceptability, and how you would account for missed opportunities to apprehend person’s of interest.  Read more

Strongly agree. Then criminals may have killed a person and that would be horrible. This way the cops killed a person and we all know that’s totally fine.  Read more

So if the cops never pursued the car, and the suspect went on to rob more people at gunpoint, and possibly shot and killed one or more people in the process, I’m assuming you would agree that “it is unfortunate that those people had to die, but at least there was no police chase!” Right? Read more

In the three years with this account, this is the first comment that has been ‘published’  Read more

I won’t speak for you as I am not sure which accounts you used, but I see plenty of people arguing they are injecting logic, but really are just spewing hate. As for ThatWebGuy, he was likely never banned. The chat function on this site sucks in general, so it is pretty random whether you see your own comments in my Read more

lol - oh look, I’m unbanned now. Read more

Calling the author out on their stupidity apparently gives them cause to shadow-ban you.  Read more

“..In no situation (out of desperation or hatred) is it OK to sacrifice human life...” Read more

Nobody pushes someone into driving down a parade route. This is such hot garbage. If the suspect had any shred of decency, he would have stopped before hitting anyone, not continued driving after hitting person after person.  Read more

Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.  Read more

for those looking to keep score based on political persuasion and such.” Read more

You imagine the dude was going to be doing a lot of knife fighting while he was driving his car home?
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