12/15/19 10:16PM

I know she was a baddie as well, but seeing Trieu just completely outthink, outplan and outflank the utterly overmatched Cyclops was extremely satsifying.

11/22/19 12:41AM

She totally read the note in his glasses.

11/04/19 12:12AM

As a huge ‘Watchmen’ fan, this episode was THE GREATEST. And yet I dislike the approach of this review. It leans way too much on prior knowledge of the comic instead of addressing what’s actually onscreen. Read more

10/17/19 11:29PM

Jason said to trust both Michael and Glenn and was dismissed out of hand. But he was right, they were both telling the truth. Read more

8/17/19 1:53AM

What a nice little pat on the head. She must be psyched.

8/16/19 9:35PM

1) I thought the Son of Sam guy did a really good job, and great casting
2) Fincher has so much money he throws “Tusk” on over the credits. “The Americans” made it the centerpiece of their pilot episode and it was likely a large part of the budget.
3) the scene in the car with Kevin Bright was Emmys all around. Perfect Read more

7/22/19 11:18AM

YES. Jonathan is AMAZING in that scene, and it really cements the growth of his character’s devotion to her over time going from weird high school fixation to genuinely being willing to face his own death trying to get her out.

7/06/19 4:18AM

I just want to point out that Woody Woodpecker spent much of his time annoying a large walrus with a moustache.

7/05/19 12:23PM

I think that both the border policy read and the reference back to Sink’s kiss scene are *extremely* far stretches here.

4/26/19 3:07PM

Some black dude sitting next to me lost it when T’Challa and the Dora Milaje came in through the portal. He yelled ‘LET’S GO!’ loud as fuck. So great.

3/20/19 9:15AM

Pretty sure that rumor was immediately shot down unless I’ve missed something. The Duffer Brothers have some sort of 4 year plan and are planning to stick around for the whole thing.

3/17/19 3:03PM

Eh, I understand what they’re saying but they seem like they’re laying this at the feet of people like Chelsea, which is crazy. It also seems like they’re opportunists too. They saw someone who was famous and knew that confronting her would get a lot of attention, so they went for it.