12/27/20 9:35PM

I thought it served a fabulous dual purpose, with that wink wink and also immediately following the scene of Flagg freeing Lloyd. Read more

2/21/20 11:30PM

They’re right. They do do different work. The women win. 

12/16/19 7:46PM

I don’t need to see a direct season 2 sequel, as such, but I would pay extremely good money to watch The Continuing Adventures of Laurie Blake, Looking Glass and Angela Abar: Demigod. (Because while I’m certain she walks on that water, what Cal told he was that he could put some, not all, of his powers into an item to Read more

9/04/19 11:56PM

Correct: It is NOT your wedding and since that is what THE BRIDE reportedly wrote on her Facebook page, it sounds like it was not in any way a middle finger to her.

8/21/19 12:30AM

Having now made it to the end, I see what you mean. In fact they almost give it to Gunn, who’s awfully close to some cameras when he says Wayne looks good for more of them. But I think they’re skipping it entirely (which is, honestly, fine by me since I could do with not opening season 3 with yet another bureaucratic Read more

8/19/19 8:08PM

Well, they have to at least identify Wayne Williams as a suspect first and we’re not there yet. A bunch of things have to happen until they’re there. So it’d be REAL odd if he was getting censured in episode 6...

8/19/19 12:52AM

The second Manson came on screen (and once again was supremely excellent famous serial killer casting), I remembered the part of Mindhunter (the book) where Douglas talks about how Manson sat on the back of his chair when they interviewed him, a power move that said more about his cult leader tactics than any actual Read more

8/18/19 3:26AM

Do you remember the real life guy’s name? That reference rang so many bells but I can’t conjure the name. 

8/17/19 2:49AM

I just said “oh, thank god,” aloud when you pointed out Cooper is wearing prosthetics. It feels especially cruel for someone to have to go through life looking like David Berkowitz, all things considered. Read more

7/25/19 7:17PM

I care -100000 about these two as a couple or as actors, but, like, that cover is HORRIBLE. It looks like it was photoshopped by an 8th grader obsessed with vampires in 2001. Why did you let them do this to you?? Where is your publicity team? Fire them.

7/08/19 10:45PM

Well half the fight is in episode 5 and half the fight is at the beginning of episode 6 so maybe fuck off out of here, it’s a valid critique in both episodes?

7/05/19 4:46PM

Did you really just do this entire recap without mentioning the taut, suspenseful, painful, TERRIFYING hospital battle ONCE? A gesture to Nancy getting thrown at a wall, a couple words for BRUCE and then... nothing? Nothing at all about Jonathan’s astonishing bravery in the face of a horrifying beating, never once Read more

6/19/19 11:32PM

I’m super sensitive to hormonal birth control. The Pill, in several iterations, was far too strong, leading to persistent nausea, uncontrollable mood swings, and intense mental discomfort. I stuck to condoms-only for years because of it. Then I got a Mirena and while I was nauseous and weird for about a week, my body Read more

4/29/19 12:59AM

Oh man YES. There was like this rising roar when we saw Shuri’s gauntlets through the portal and then when Cap summoned the hammer we were all SCREAMING. The absolute JOY of this moviegoing experience - being in a theater full of people who were, every last one, just SO INTO IT was wonderful. It was practically a Read more

3/20/19 8:39PM

Unless it’s an antidote/cure for whatever is infecting the town/turning people into flesh monsters in which case... good.

3/20/19 4:10PM

I’m guessing its related to the rats and virus in ST3. Maybe he catches it at the pool? They seem to hint at infection with the shot of his arm turning black in the shower. And IDK if it’s related to that quick shot of him dropping the girl lifeguard down a hole. Post-infection? Just his assholery? We’ll find out.
Read more

3/20/19 3:18PM

Nancy and JONATHAN find the monster in the hospital, not Steve. Like, it is clearly Jonathan and they cut to his face multiple times.