4/26/21 2:19PM

Um David, I guess it’s PC but you’re wearing a mask while driving a convertible? With the windows down?  Read more

4/26/21 2:18PM

See the absolute joy on the face and hear the joy in the laughter of a man that love his job, loves cars and loves what they can do and what they can be. Thank you David for keeping the love of car in our hearts.

2/23/21 12:41PM

85 mph limit??? You know you write for a car site right? Please tell me my sarcasm meter is broken

1/11/21 3:07PM

Since they’ve lost the weight of the roof, do they call them Neon Lights?

10/30/20 1:45PM

If it was some rando that got sick, maybe.  For a card-carrying member of the clique that has undermined every single attempt to control this thing, and who make a big show of ignoring every recommended precaution and politicize even the simplest, most basic actions everyone can take... he got what he had coming, and Read more

10/30/20 1:30PM

You mean the ICU he put himself in by being a dumbass, not taking the simplest of precautions and crawling so far up 45's ass he can touch tonsil?

10/27/20 10:09PM

Wow, and here I imagined I had seen everything old on the internet before.  Those are magnificent, what a snapshot in time.

10/13/20 12:31PM

I am absolutely, positively going to listen to any anus-related observations that come from a person that uses “buttplug” in their name.  They obviously know from whence they speak!

10/13/20 8:23AM

I actually like wood on a motorcycle, but it has to be executed EXCEPTIONALLY well for it to work. Like, try this wooden Vespa instead: