6/09/21 2:09PM

If this story involved an actual dead human, then yes this would be a tacky line of humour. But it did not, so STOP being so sensitive. It is funny, and no specific person is being hurt. Have some fun, lighten up.

6/04/21 3:25PM

It is a ridiqulous trend, go watch Whislindiesel on youtube to see him pretty much destroy one. Funny stuff. “This truck means nothing to me”

6/02/21 3:49PM

Happy, happy, happy, Torch. As a reader for the last 5 years now, I have very much enjoyed your work. If you were gone from Jalop. I and probably most readers would not bother reading Jalopnik any more. Yes David E Davis would have you working for him I am sure. Peace.

5/17/21 7:25PM

WoW! What a dramatic response to this article. Thanks for sharing. I really liked all the European detail thrown in.  I do not think I will drive again. (in Europe)

2/23/21 1:38PM

Ok so " you may have have illegally street raced" Screw you, mr. cars do not need to go faster than 80. You are hypocrite. You should NOT write for this blog. I find most of your work boring and uninteresting. Go work for consumer reports. This space is for car enthusiasts not lameos that are afraid to admit they Read more

10/27/20 2:24PM

You sound like someone that has never truly had fun and lived. I am 55 and have done incredible things, had awesome fun, flirted with danger. I am actually lucky to be alive. I regret almost nothing. I am now, and will be in a nursing home until?, but there is nothing that I could have done to prevent this. I am Read more

10/21/20 4:49PM

Good for you! It is a crime though the money it costs for your wife to have a “normal” life. I lost a leg and a hip. Now at 55y.o. this car car guy-see name, is and will likely be in a nursing home for life because I can not afford better care. This is a wonderful nursing home tho. I read, watch youtube, car stuff all Read more

10/03/20 6:08PM

What did it cost for the registration? How much is diesel per gal/litre? How fast can this go on the autobahn? Will Bitch Mcconel get covid along with the rest of the repubs that already, will get covid.?

9/10/20 10:59PM

OK, I will say it. As a longtime reader (before Demuro), if it was not for Torch I would be gone. Asthetics are important but writing is crucial. Jalopnik has lost many contributers in the last year or so. Being bought and sold sure does not help. Yes there are other current staffers that fine writers but we are all Read more

9/10/20 2:56PM

I will say it: if not for Torch, I would have left awhile back. Have been following simce Demuro was around. The asthetics of the site are too much now. Simpler was better. Obviously being bought and sold has had an effect. Other current writters are good too, but if Torch goes, I am gone. Of course I would follow Read more

7/24/20 7:54PM

Nicely said. As someone who lived in a 77 Mercury Comet for 3 months working, saving, until I got a place its no fun. Comet had bench seat, tho still not wide enough for my 5'11" frame. It sucked. Comet had anemic 302. Blew trans up parked in Big Sur in neutral reving motor to keep warm. Found a cottage in Seaside the Read more

7/18/20 1:44PM

This is awesome. Very surreal. Hilarious in a very odd way. So glad this exists. Very worthwile time waster. I bet Busey is mostly unscripted.