Fuck, imagine actually tweeting that. Worse, imagine believing that and then tweeting it. Read more

Lot of 2000's Volvo love in these comments (C30, V50, XC90 etc.), and for good reason. Although I think the recent (non-XC) V90 is their best design work and is timeless enough that it will still look great in 30 years.

The people writing for this website were 12 when Saab was killed off.
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Simple - take Monaco off the F1 calendar and put it on the WRC calendar. It’s now just a time trial anyway, so it’s basically a tarmac rally stage. You telling me you don’t want to see rally cars smoking all four tires around the double apex at Rascasse and flying straight over the curbs at Nouvelle Chicane? Read more

“The folks who market these sports cars know that 50% of sports car buyers believe they are in the 2% who do track driving. It sells.” Read more

As a person who works in marketing and product development, I can promise you that there were several meetings, extensive email chains, and likely an in-house counsel’s opinion on “melty” vs. “melted”. Read more

ArtistAtSmall thinks it’s pretty big. Read more

I also appreciated that they threw in various Northern celebrities to roll Jeremy back onto his wheels again every time he crashed (“thank you, Peter Stringfellow out of lap-dancing clubs!” etc.). And the follow-up segment (maybe in a separate episode?) where Ken Block rolled a Robin on the track. Read more

Ron DeSantis, done in by kung fu treachery! Read more

He’s going to need to tuck his tail and back off in a hurry or he’s going to find Matt Gaetz in his rear-view mirror aiming for the Governor’s mansion. Read more

This is a hugely informative comment. Thanks for posting it. Read more

Craig was one of the best-liked drivers in rallying and a huge talent. Massive loss for the sport. Especially sad because he seemed to be finding himself again back with Hyundai this year after a tough experience with the Rally1 Ford at M-Sport. He just finished second at Sweden a couple months ago with one of his Read more

That’s Lamborghini Gallardo money. Read more

You mean, Bender Bending Rodriguez?

It would be, but they can’t find them. Read more

It’s remarkable how insanity, once accepted by enough people, becomes entirely mundane. Read more

Just now seeing this. Look forward to seeing it forever. Read more

I mean, they’re not technically wrong. The dealers have the right to try to adjust the price to meet what they think they can get for the car. It’s just a really effective way of hurting the reputation of your business, in an industry that is already notorious for this kind of behavior. So like I said, it’s a Read more