StndIbnz, Drives a MSRT8
May 14
UV Door Handle

Thought Oppo would be interested in this. My friends company has invented a UV door handle that is self sanitizing

Jul 23 2019
Upgraded the R6

Recently sold the 2001 R6 for a ‘15 FZ-09. This thing is a riot and never ceases to put a smile on my face! Very

Jun 21 2019

Figured I’d share here if there are any MI oppo’s (or close to Detroit I guess) that are in the market for a clean

Aug 29 2018
New Toy

Picked up this Casio World Time on Amazon the other day. Band feels cheap, but is easy to adjust. Simple enough to

Jun 7 2018

Hopefully this works. Such a wild car I had to share when I saw it.

Sep 7 2017

Anyone else counting down the hours till work is over so you can go shoot some shit in Destiny? I loaded it up this

Dec 20 2016
Christmas came early

Wife was too excited and couldn’t wait for me to open the gift till Christmas, so here’s my present! Shinola Runwell