StndIbnz, Drives a MSRT8
3:26 PM

I’ve been following this build. Love the work they’ve done. Only complaint is the shifter bezel is huge. I prefer the look of Silver Sport Transmissions, as it uses the same size spot as the auto shifter. Read more

2:52 PM

I’m in Troy too, man I can’t wait for this shit to be over with. Didn’t realize they were widening it, I know a lot of the bridges needed work as well which is a lot of the time. Either way, it will be great when its done. Read more

11:42 AM

Agree except for the I-75 comment.  Have you driven on that section of road?  It was basically speed bumps and potholes every 20ft, which at 70 mph is not safe and feels like shit.  That road has needed to be re-done for years now.

11:40 AM

So, owners an idiot.  Doesn’t it only move while the owner has its finger on the button?  He saw that car coming and kept letting his Tesla drive.