Fuck this shit. I have received already sixth e-mail about spending my club units in past 12 hours... They can stick it where sun doesn’t shine! Read more

Glad you’re safe.. I’m currently located in Nara for the vacation, stayed indoors for today, luckily here it was not that bad. Read more

The show has really slow start. Maybe I’m amazed by that show only from the perspective that I’m trying for past few year (on/off) learning shogi myself and there I can even appreciate the matches, where for somebody else it might be just simple tool. Read more

Agreed - sometimes I have the feeling that if they would give this show double amount of episodes, they might space it better and the show might end up good. At the moment - it’s just hot mess, where they try to squeeze way to much into each episode. Read more

Keijo is in this regards ok. Yes, there is fanservice and quite a lot of them, but it’s build in the premise of the anime itself. What Koda is right about is that when shows tries to describe war and the bad/sad thing happening during it and then you put in middle fanservice, it’s totally out of the place. Read more

Pretty simple - whole day working, need to concentrate and think so once a week a brainless fun, overused jokes and colourful spectacle for 22 mins - no problem in there. Read more

Did you try it on the phone / tablet with touchscreen or on pc with mouse? I found it was pretty easy actually on the phone (lost few lives now and then, but was able to replenish them) and finished it on the very first run. Read more

Yeah, it was fun. I liked it as well, but the thing which I liked the most was the flowchart - it was interesting to see different paths, getting back together and then splitting again - wonder how this would look like in the more “complex” games e.g. Life is Strange, any Telltale. Read more

I find it pretty fucked up to think, that if somebody is famous he does not have the right for the privacy and has to deal with these bullshits. If somebody walks to your house, want to take pictures with you and talk to you (complete stranger) you would probably call police or kick him out as a weirdo, but if you Read more

I have to mention Sweetness and Lightning and New Game! Those both shows are cute in their respective way and definitely worth of time. About Berserk - thinking of dropping it more and more with every week - the animation, pencil shading everywhere, CGI... ugh.. Read more

I’m not saying that the rest is bad (though in the Civ 5, where you can have only one naval/land + one air unit on the same field feels wrong - the squadron of 10 tanks on one field is just irreplaceable).
Definitely now waiting what will become of Civ6, where you will have the districts, and city will expand to more Read more

Probably the full on 3D, and in the last (or second last, do not remember), the zone control, when you took over opponent’s mine, went away from it and it became neutral/his again, or whatnot? No no, HOMAM3 is my beloved game in this series. Read more

Well, you got much further then me sir. I managed to watch the first 5 minutes of the show and then I dropped it. I do not have anything against fan service, but what is enough... Read more