Have Jeep, will travel.
1/18/19 11:19AM

Evidently I’m the only person who things the car did what it should have.

Full disclosure: I am in the industry and run the teams that develop this kind of tech. I would also agree that is how I’d want it engineered. Moving sideways = loss of control + Impact (pothole) = airbag deployment.

I think its good that it went Read more

1/31/18 8:57PM

I put 120K plus on an ‘83 CJ-7, 6 cyl. Put it through challenges one can imagine, drove till I got is stuck, the winched, jacked or dug it out and went some more, all over Alaska. The jeep heritage for capability off road is legendary and well earned (though admitadly, I prefer the CJ7 or older, because you did not Read more

8/29/17 9:37AM

In a lot of places its not really an opt out its a price out. Ive heard about some insane flood premiums. But I guess thats the point, they only places it would be cheap are where they will never pay out.

4/09/17 6:42PM

I live in the rust belt so the ‘wont rust into the ground after 10 years” comment is debatable (almost everything does). otherwise I totally agree with you, the pure lunacy of the Hellcat is precisely what makes it awesome, even if it’s not *objectively* the best car in it’s class.

1/01/17 8:40PM

It also claimed that the nine other known instances of Model X SUA incidents “are eerily similar” to what happened to Son. Read more

11/23/16 11:18AM

Ban assault school buses. Close the no seatbelt loophole. Register existing school buses as assault school buses. Won’t someone think of the children?!?!?! Oh, and mandatory background checks for bus drivers.....

11/22/16 7:06PM

Can confirm re: Orange County... Just go grab coffee one Saturday morning on Main St, and sit there and watch what rolls by.

11/20/16 8:37PM

Also, in Southern California and I see it all over the place. I understand where people come from though with having to impress people. I grew up lower middle class in a super rich part of the country where the kids at my school all had the fanciest designer clothes and often drive new Supras, BMWs, and other fancy Read more

11/19/16 9:17PM

I used to wonder what maney of these people must do for these fancy cars. Like, how does this guy who clearly makes tens of thou$sands less than me afford this $80k BMW M4 for $1800 a month. That is equal to my mortgage! Then I realize that the guy has a roommate, cannot afford to take a girl on a date, is up to his Read more

11/18/16 11:28PM

It’s the reason why I wear my Giants hat in LA.

11/18/16 5:27PM

There’s this funny thing that exists - a Northern California vs Southern California rivalry. Only the Northern Californians know about it. I used to live in the Bay Area and people had strong feelings about LA people: fake, shallow, stupid, Hollywood-obsessed, image-pursuing, vapid... Read more

11/13/16 6:58PM

You know, I find it funny that that you say that. Because when I went to LA, all I saw was a legion of Prius. I kept on the lookout for any cool cars, it’s LA, I thought, they have to have a good variety of cars! I saw a Nissan GTR, a BMW i8 and a few Teslas. That was about it, down here in Florida, I’ve seen about Read more

8/24/15 3:41PM

Let’s discuss how cute Jeeps are once we get through some trails down here in SoCal:

8/24/15 1:57PM

Can add something about crawl ratios? Unless you have a 2 speed transfer case (that is, like the illustration and description in the article where there are gears AFTER the transmission to reduce ratios) than any “crawl ratio” you see advertised is just 1st gear times the final drive. So don’t be fooled by hearing a Read more

3/18/15 9:34AM

I have a '95 Classic. It just runs and runs. It consumes some oil but leaks very little (from the steering box). Basically, after 22 years, the cruise doesn't work, and the heated seats gave up. A/C still blows cold, and it sucks up shitty road like butter. Steers and rides WAY better than any Jeep of the same age. Read more