Apr 16

It’s about a bunch of traumatised and demoralised pilots. They have random ships because it’s an intelligence operation on a shoestring budget that the higher-ups don’t care about. It’s great - one of my favourite Star Wars books ever published - and about as far away from a kids’ cartoon as you can get in Star Wars.

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Nov 12

I was more playing devil’s advocate than anything haha. I do stand by my question as to what qualifies as legitimate media in this day and age, however I also share your sentiment on ethics. I thought it was funny people were claiming to be Jalopnik journalists, who were really just Oppo bloggers. Funny because Read more

Nov 4

Oppo is technically a user blog, albeit a very populated one. Thus the concern.

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Mar 14 2019

Well here’s your problem. The engine’s in the wrong place!”

Mar 6 2019

Like many entities that are enabled or strengthened simply by being acknowledged as existing, continuing to ignore it seems to be the best strategy. Read more

Mar 6 2019

I’d argue that PFT is smart enough to get why Barstool is a problem, but ultimately goes along with it anyway. He’s the smartest and funniest (or only smart, funny) one, which makes his complacence worse.

Mar 6 2019

Eh. At this point I’m pretty torn between the idea that associating himself with Barstool negatively influenced PFTCommenter and the idea that at some point that schtick was always going to wear pretty thin.

Feb 28 2019

I’m pretty sure one of the main prerequisites for becoming an instagram influencer is having zero interest in the world around you.  This totally checks out.

Feb 28 2019

At her pace, could she have gotten lapped while on the first loop and then just unthinkingly followed the people who lapped her?

Feb 28 2019

Is it possible they didn’t realize they were supposed to double loop and she legit thinks she ran a half marathon when she, in fact, did not?

Feb 28 2019

If they only ran one loop, they would have gotten their 6.4-mile split across then ran on to the finish line without doing the second loop. Read more

Feb 28 2019

Cheating, and then complaining about people not believing it? Sound like Tiesi-Manziel...(puts on sunglasses)...ran like a diva.

Feb 27 2019

Since there is no mechanism to record tips automatically (Sonic doesn’t have a tip line when you pay with credit card or app), the employer would have to be claiming tip earning employee status on cash only tips and then the employee would somehow have to prove they’re not getting those tips the employer is claiming. Read more