Still Vanillasludge
12/22/20 11:07AM

The new F-Type facelift. Took a beautiful, timeless design and turned it thoroughly “meh”.

12/15/20 9:01PM

So, it is illegal to have aftermarket exhaust, tinted windows, euro headlights, etc. (Varies depending on jurisdiction). Yet, this trend of ever bugger truck / SUV is fine? Read more

12/12/20 6:54PM

Very handy to note: somewhere in the last few years NCAP decided to seriously crank up the star requirements. Now if you cannot get safety assists, it’s an automatic zero. Safety assists optional but not standard? 3 starts max.

Remember the Fiat Punto? Was 5 stars in 2005, now 0 in 2017. Same car, still pretty safe. Read more

11/29/20 4:13PM

ARMCO barriers are garbage, F1 needs to start using SAFER barriers.  At least some damned tires would have helped.

11/24/20 11:31AM

Honestly, I can’t be the only one hoping they’d show up in this:

11/20/20 12:20PM

One of my clients is a car dealer network with 26 Ford and Mazda stores throughout New England and Northern California. If one of the internet reps for any of our stores pulled this stunt, he or she would be fired in an instant. Read more

11/18/20 7:03PM

On that awful flat spot permanently molded to the front bumper. Disgusting.

11/13/20 9:55AM

Ehh, there’s plenty of room for creativity without going across the “We know there’s a 99% change the dude isn’t going to like my ridiculous suggestion but I’m going to show off how much I know about cars by suggesting something there’s 0% chance he’ll actually buy, but still technically kinda sorta checks the boxes” Read more

11/12/20 6:26PM

I remember when you guys used to give real, plausible suggestions, seems like now this topic has devolved into some weird jalopnik contest to see which writer can pat themselves on the back for giving the most obscure response. 

11/12/20 8:32AM

Um no. Just no. The sheer amount of crud here tells the real story:

11/12/20 8:11AM

Waaayyy overpriced. Not as effed-up as some I see out there, but it’s got far too many boy-racer mods, the attempt to reset the odometer (that’s still a thing?), and being hooned to death. Nothing I see here justifies that lofty asking price. Read more