12/03/15 5:09PM

are you sure you want to support a woman who calls black people “nigger” when she’s angry? Read more

12/03/15 5:06PM

Is it really telling, though? What it tells me if that she is really playing up the well-meaning white woman as victim role (whether intentional or not) and he is already cast as the angry black male for passionately defending himself against a charge that could fuck up his entire professional career. we don’t even Read more

11/30/15 4:46PM

Gloria Darden is his mother’s name.
Freddie Gray Sr. is his father’s name.

10/31/15 2:13PM

Screw all of that. For a Zombie breakout, I’ll take Detroit. Population is quite low for its size in the first place, so you won’t have as many zombies to deal with and they’ll be more spread out, and if you stay downtown you can use the people mover to get between buildings without ever touching the ground. If you Read more

10/16/15 5:53PM

And when we’re talking about the wage gap in general, white women also outpace black and Latino men. Read more

8/24/15 3:50PM

Serena & Common >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Serena & Drake

8/24/15 2:10PM

I do like that anyone who objects to infidelity was preemptively called a “hater,” though. Stay classy, Tracy.

8/04/15 8:55PM

And there’s is of the very few queer people who actually see any real change either. The gay rights movement is represented by white cis men and so we get the rights they want - to marry and have support for their partners from HR and the like. Those are great things, but trans people, butch lesbians, femmy men, all Read more

8/04/15 8:02PM

It’s also some damned assimilationism. Of course it’s the story of a cis white dude. Can’t have the truth about those gross trans people and dykes can we? Gotta stay on that easy to digest ‘relatable’ garbage. The queer story must always revolve around some cis white man. Always.

8/04/15 7:41PM

Well there you go. A Black lesbian threw the first punch and a Black trans woman threw the first object. I stand by my statement that Marsha threw the first object, but it seems there is more to the story. There always is, isn’t there? :) Read more

8/04/15 7:30PM

Yes. What we should be crying about is the gross erasure on display here. That and the historical lies being told to (let’s be real here) the cishet white audience that this is aimed at.

8/04/15 7:28PM

Beat me to it. Are we crying because ERASURE OF BLACK TRANS WOMEN? I think I have some tears for that. Not only do they have the audacity to use the phrase “unsung heroes” (because no one ever gives credit to the white men dontcha know) but they actually have him throw the first brick?!?!? MADNESS.

7/31/15 11:36AM

People need to stop getting salty when folks call out that it seems more people are pissed about a dead lion when there are Black folk dying at the hands of the Police State every day. Read more

7/31/15 10:25AM

I’ve seen more people pissed about a dead lion than i have about dead black teenagers. I’ve read articles from certain people comparing dead animals to slavery. Motherfucking Mufasa is really opening my eyes.

7/30/15 2:17PM

Yep! No one seems to really recognize that a black woman accusing a white man of rape would most likely have been answered with “he says he didn’t so this is a false allegation, wow, when will women stop with the false allegations?” or “actually, it was that black man over there, haven’t you heard how much raping they Read more

7/30/15 1:56PM

You’ve got it. What the commenter isn’t addressing is that while false allegations were one of a number of tools of racism to justify wanton murder of black men, it was also still being used as a tool of the patriarchy to discredit black women who were addressing the sexual assault being perpetrated by white men. Read more

6/12/15 1:59PM

Agreed. I am very sex-positive, and I don’t have an issue with porn in general. But I do have alot of issues with what the sex industry is today and what alot of porn stars have to go through. I think Jez could do alot better job at discussing the negative implications of porn, instead of coming across as almost Read more