2/29/16 12:42AM

I just want to say that three POC won tonight. Two Asians and a Latino and they had fuck all to say about their people and representation. So how about you get off of Chris rock’s dick and hold your people accountable.

2/27/16 3:19PM

LN: And change only comes when the conversation is happening in all forms at all times. Not just one tactic is going to do it. It’s got to be a convergence.
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1/24/16 11:59AM

I don’t appreciate how they disrespected Jubilee, because she is a treasure and the greatest thing to come out of this show.

12/03/15 5:06PM

I guess she thought since he only hated black women that she would be safe. I remember when gawker published that trash essay and all the white women who were first in line to defend him and assert their perceived superiority over black women. #teamnoone tbh. She sounds like one of those white women who LOVE to get Read more

11/30/15 3:23PM

I’m glad the person was caught and everyone is safe. But when you look at everything in context and consider it, it is still so fucked up. Read more

11/16/15 5:21PM

cue white people who have never eaten sweet potato pie in their life making youtube video tutorial on how to make your own patti pie at home

10/16/15 6:44PM

At first I read Hunn as Hunnam, and I thought, Girl you Better believe in the power of Charlie Hunnam’s dick that, my black ass really would face down a swat team if it meant that I would get to hit that one more time.

10/05/15 11:31PM

Can you please put a trigger warning. Not everyone finds the images of dead black bodies titillating like white people do. Like would you just throw up an image of a white woman looking like that with no warning?

8/24/15 4:21PM

I read an interview with the showrunner of GMW and he was trying to justify that episode. He said “Well angela was just his highschool girlfriend.” Bitch they were on and off for six fucking years, did you even watch the show?!

8/24/15 2:36PM

But she didn’t tell the writers not to ruin angela, and save shawn from that white lady! Sorry I still have a lot of feelings about that episode. She’s great.

8/06/15 10:58AM

UM no. Did she or did she not have sex with her married boss? Or did she just like trip and fall on his dick? They BOTH suck, and deserve all the scorn. Him because we wrecked his family for no reason. And he because she thought it would be cute to help him.