I'm actually a cat
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Wow! I felt like you were flipping on light switches so I could see around the mess of my own home. Immediately forwarded to my partner so we could discuss later. Writing that inspires self-examination and meaningful conversation is invaluable. I just wanted to say thank you and I am excited to read more of your work!

4:18 PM

When I was teching, the pharmacist who trained me in sterile technique to make IV bags had dreadlocks. Her hair went under a cap and bunny suit like everyone else’s when we were in the IV room. Outside a sterile environment, the hospital’s rule for hair was “neat and professional”, which was further clarified to Read more

4:30 PM

I would be interested in reading that article. I imagine this administration has splashed cold water into the political consciousness of many Americans. Read more

9:56 PM

I scrolled right past that when I saw it but just gave it a read: holy internalized misogyny! Stormy Daniels has my undivided attention whenever she wants it because of something Ms. Parker noted in a throwaway line: Read more

9:05 PM

Thank you for the advocacy you’ve done with this article, Sarah and Rachael! I think you did excellent work here explaining not just the physical, but also psychological and social struggles faced by those with EB. Navigating life with a rare genetic disorder is difficult, it’s expensive, it’s frustrating, it’s Read more

12:33 PM

I say get that money! If people will pay $624 for a plain white hoodie, good on you because you made it appear to be worth that much. People hating on him cause he cracked the code.

6:22 PM

Fear-mongering and “wellness” had an ugly baby, never saw that coming. Anyway, here is a recipe for mujadara (rice and lentils) made in an Instant Pot: Read more

8:56 PM

I’d be willing to bet there are people reading this who are living in chronic pain who would relate to her story and just haven’t been exposed to it yet. Sometimes it’s good to see how other people with similar pain self-soothe and find beauty in life. There is more to life than being trapped in a body. <3

12:53 AM

You know, I have never met a Daria and I love that name! I identified with the titular character (and thought my sister was a total Quinn) when it came out during an angsty phase. So I do connect the name with the show, but 1) that’s only bc I don’t know any Darias and 2) it’s with a fond reflection on a past and more Read more

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Code45* is among the most inventive, clever, and fun art to emerge in the trump era. I don’t know why it’s taken me til now to tell you how much I enjoy these dispatches, Muck! :D

3:06 PM

Dietary supplements are the Wild West of pharmaceutical products: in a nutshell, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t have the power to regulate them until the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is alerted to labeling/marketing materials that would remove the product from the FTC’s purview and place it squarely Read more

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But...how am I supposed to go on an incredible journey with 29 other amazing women to compete for flowers and the NASCAR man of my dreams? Read more

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No!! Because THIS meatball is covered in truffles and truffle oil and is a truffleball.  

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That’s disappointing. The reddit list looks to have a nice roundup of substitutions (an aside: what a nice public service that was!). I’ve used several before, but not in The Ordinary order; which may explain why my skin revolted or they didn’t work. Back to the drawing board!

5:58 PM

I cant believe I missed that on first look—even the packaging is the same (albeit more colorful)!