Saturday 9:18PM

Honestly, Grohl’s erasure would be more forgivable. He’s been pretty open about Cobain not treating him like an equal member and shrugging off his attempted contributions. Read more

Saturday 12:27AM

Saying Sleater-Kinney has seen drummers come and go” is a little like saying “Nirvana saw drummers come and go.” Yeah, there were others before, but only one matters, and they were a huge part of the band.

Thursday 4:24PM

Listen, Bob - if the gay people in your life haven’t stopped you from leaving the house looking like a boxcar hobo who collapsed on a Walgreen’s 4th of July display, then they’re definitely not your friends.

6/01/21 5:28PM

Jesus Christ! Don’t get me started on all the stupid shit I said and did at 19! Some of it may even be spun as being racist when it was actually just utter ignorance and lack of thought. I think people forget how fucking hard of a transition time those last few years of being a teen are. Apparently, you’re capable of Read more

6/01/21 5:04PM

Oh man, you didn’t check in to see how this insane stretch of a nothing-burger was getting roasted over at The Root? Cause it’s getting no traction there, and it feels like their readership should know. Read more

6/01/21 4:52PM

So she entered a pageant and/or attended some weird debutante event. Is there any indication that she was aware it had a racist history? It may be hard for some on here to believe, but googling the damn thing wasn’t an option in 1999.

5/27/21 10:14AM

You’re understating when you say that the way people express things online “sometimes sucks.” :)

I think most reasonable people look back on some of the things they said and believed earlier in life and do cringe. I guess my point is most people believe things passionately and single-mindedly at some point in their Read more

5/26/21 10:35AM

I read through the comments below and maybe its my old age (35), but can we just let it go? God damn he admitted he wasn’t perfect and is trying to make it better but ya’ll just ready to tear his limbs off for the attempt. Either you all are very unfunny in real life, or have no idea what it takes to write a joke and Read more

5/25/21 1:26PM

Yeah, you hit the nail on the head, that’s a huge issue holding back the idea of legitimizing cannabis. Here in LA there will be some dispensaries that are more focused on either wellness for medical use or just trying to be more mature about it, yet they are stuck with those strain names. 

5/21/21 3:09PM

So this guy raped a minor and is being supported by the group that thinks the democratic party is run by secret pedophiles that must be stopped?

5/20/21 3:38PM

My recollection was that the issue involved the character being Tibetan specifically. If you want your movie to be released in China, you need to tread carefully around the subject of Tibet.

5/12/21 1:15PM

JFC thank you for saying this. It was GWB who said he had to “get over the filter” of the press to talk to the American people. Apparently fact checkers are filters now. It was Reagan and Bush who started this anti intellectual train and beliefs trounce facts. Read more

5/12/21 11:53AM

Shit, I’d say the Democrats could use a bit *more* lock-step—particularly with regard to Manchin and Sinema.

5/12/21 11:08AM

Cheney seems to think she is battling Trumpism alone. But Trumpism is the entirety of the Republican Party. Trump is the natural conclusion of the anti-intellectualism and state sponsored fake news ushered in by Bush and her father. McCain and Palin entrenched it. Trump is simply benefiting from the ground work laid Read more

5/11/21 3:23PM

That book should be required reading for anyone who says cancel culture is a myth. Countless people have had their lives ruined for making some innocuous comment online. Just most of them aren’t famous so nobody cares

5/11/21 2:20PM

“Way too quick to assume the worst” is definitely the case online, particularly on Twitter. Read more

5/11/21 1:09PM

In 1986, he was 23 and had like six credits to his name. I’m going to cut him a little slack for going along to get along. Blame the director and producer.