Today 12:01PM

Here’s what I’ll say - when representation comes at literally replacing an existing decades-old character, it can kind of sting. It can feel less like inclusivity and more like white is passe, and in order to be more inclusive we need to literally palette swap a long-existing IP.  By the same token, when 50-year old Read more

Tuesday 12:34PM

I’m so over the social justice marketing. I’d rather have corporations not donate to any politicians and not support social justice causes than have them rainbow up and donate to anti-trans politicians. It was AAPI month last month and the whole “hey, here are asian-led products we carry!” marketing just felt...gross Read more

6/10/21 6:00PM

How many people offended by the use of a homophobic slur (which, to be clear, is something that should offend you) are Kid Rock fans?

6/02/21 1:41PM

How come no one is talking about how Kamela Harris is Vice President of the United States, a government that allowed racial segregation into the 1960s, and where certain racial groups have significantly worse outcomes in terms of health, education, wealth, etc. compared to whites?

5/28/21 9:42AM

I’ll give that to her. Ska may have started in Jamaica in the 50s, but it was the two-tone revival in the UK with the kids of Jamaican immigrants and white british kids forming bands that combined ska with punk energy that has driven ska in this country.
Read more

5/26/21 6:56PM

I’m pro progress, and I am glad that a lot of shit that was a-ok 20, 30 years ago would not fly today. The fact that our media is becoming more heterogeneous and less focused solely on straight white men is a good thing. The fact that people have more of a voice to push back on things, or tell their own stories is a Read more

5/26/21 4:34PM

I will be so happy in 20 years when these young woke motherfuckers are on the other side of the generational divide and whatever woke thing they are championing now is deemed horrifically offensive and people are posting their 2021 tweets saying, “I can’t believe you used the work BIPOC to refer to people of color Read more

5/24/21 2:49PM

I’m a recent cannabis user, and what turned me off for decades, on top of the whole illegality thing, was how dumb it all was. The strain names all need a lot of work. Alaska thunderfuck? Green Crack? sheesh.

5/24/21 2:46PM

Yes, but also if you are making edibles that literally look like skittles, that is something to be addressed. But for sure parents have to do a little extra work and possibly consume different types of edibles to ensure their kids aren’t accidentally (or not so accidentally) dosing themselves. There are a wide range Read more

5/24/21 2:07PM

I think the edibles market needs to be more tightly regulated to ensure that no one accidentally ingests cannabis. Most edibles I’ve purchased had packaging that a, made it clear it was weed and b, was childproofish. I bought a locking box for it anyways. I get concerned by the whole market for cannabis food and the Read more

5/17/21 4:50PM

I love some of her music, but I struggle a little with artists like her who talk like they grew up in latino neighborhood in new york or L.A., and they are white. But maybe, culturally, most of the folks she hangs out with are POC so she’s organically adopted linguistic characteristics. Or maybe she’s trying to seem Read more

5/11/21 2:30PM

Within social justice circles there are conversations about how call out culture can be vindictive and toxic. Because it totally can. Jon Ronson’s “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” addressed internet mob culture in pre metoo/trump days. People being held accountable for being harassers/rapists/racists/generally awful Read more

5/04/21 6:20PM

Ska fashion was definitely a step up from punk or goth fashion, and there was a lot of overlap with mod/northern soul culture. Read more

5/03/21 7:21PM

That is an unflattering picture of Melinda.

5/03/21 1:07PM

Is it that low? If so, it gives me hope for humanity. She’s a constant reminder than holding a marginalized identity doesn’t make you either a good person nor a effective spokesperson for said identity.

4/29/21 7:09PM

I didn’t know anything about Vance until I looked at his twitter feed just now. I think we have diverging opinions about most things.

4/29/21 11:47AM

As an Old, I do think the language policing is an issue. I’ve been around long enough that I’m on like round four or five of terminology, and it all just seems a little pointless to me at times. We keep thinking if we just change what we call things, we’ll change how people think about them, and then our terminology Read more

4/29/21 11:27AM

My understanding is that the young black vote helped turn georgia around. The kind of engagement that black voters matter and Ms. Abrams have been doing in that state isn’t cheap or easy, but it can work. But yeah, the internet progressives do not represent the actual people who vote, who tend to be more conservative Read more

4/28/21 9:04PM

I think the internet ruined it. And then we white folk jumped on the fact that it had become self righteous and obnoxious af and turned it into “if you are against traitors, you are woke cancel culture.”

4/28/21 4:08PM

I agree with that Carville’s opinions on Dem strategy are about as relevant as the Goo Goo Dolls opinion on how to write a radio hit in 2021, and that middle aged and elderly white men shouldn’t be dictating what language should be used. However, as a middle aged white coastal elite, I am concerned that progressives Read more