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And I’m referring to people, like the two people I’m interacting with in this thread, who only ever talk about the injustice of the murder of George Floyd, and the systemic brutal racism that led to it, in conjunction with talking about the injustice of property destruction, almost always in response to an accusation Read more

Miss me with this bull shit. Asking people to not burn shit  and steal isn’t that big of an ask. If you don’t know how to act then I don’t need to be at a protest. Read more

So the Instagram person is the bad person here and the looters are innocent victims. Cool cool cool totally normal thoughts you have there. Read more

Please don’t do this again. Read more

Why are you lumping in people who are protesting peacefully with people who are stealing shit? Seriously? Read more

“particularly if they’re doing something technically unlawful” Read more

The writers are basically trolling us now. Times are tough. Hot takes increase rage clicks. That’s the only thing I can think of. It’s easy to romanticize the past, but holy shit has the quality of this blog gone downhill.  Read more

No, I agree. If you watch Trevor, you will see that he is talking about why we should not be shocked at the looting of the Target. Read more

“No offense to electoral politics, but—actually, wait. No. Full offense to electoral politics!!!! Telling people to respond to state-sponsored racist violence by registering to vote so that they can participate in an election five months from now is fucking useless, Gagá!” Read more

Seriously. What the hell is going on with this site? Gaga is looking at the big picture. What a fucked up thing to criticize right now — you can support the Minnesota Freedom Fund *and* register to vote. Read more

The protests and riots are short-term. Voting has long-term consequences. Maybe don’t police people’s reactions, or know that there’s several things that can be done (and none of them are wrong), but don’t be so short-sighted. Read more

Why is getting people registered to vote “fucking useless?” It might not be the most satisfying, immediate solution, but it is an important part of the entire picture here. Read more

The riots are understandable demonstrations of righteous, justified anger and I think people sitting on the sidelines using this to derail the real conversation about police brutality are acting in bad faith, but no, a riot isn’t a revolution.
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Yeah but if you want to keep that number down by not crowding polling places and voting from home then you are a corrupt election-rigging democrat.
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I mean, if you don’t cut it off, how else can you make it misleading enough to rile people up? Read more

And if it weren’t for Car Talk, there wouldn’t be Cawfee Tawk. So, there’s also that.

Ok, then, do we have a consensus that a Hellfire missile can be employed to end the next Bundy standoff? Read more