Jun 4

It seems our posts have been deleted and in my case...shadowbanned. Honesty is not something this blog seems to like.

Jun 3

Yes, all politics is local. Or at least starts local because that’s what affects day to day lives the most. It’s a shame there’s just snarky bullshit from a pair of Vermont Jesus apostles about Gaga registering people to vote or Reese Witherspooon asking people to vote. Downplaying voting sends the absolute wrong Read more

Jun 1

Am I missing something? It seems that there’s enough crazy shit going on that we don’t need half stories to stir up more outrage. Read more

Jun 1

Ricardo Hernandez spent the weekend sleeping in a van outside the Mexican ice cream shop he runs with his wife in South Minneapolis. He negotiated with protesters by handing over ice cream and Popsicles so they would leave the shop intact. Read more

May 31

Yeah, we wouldn’t want to make the looters out to be bad people. They’re just victims of their own opportunistic greed. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. 

May 29

That’s cool...just keep the burning to your own neighborhood. I got a hairy trigger finger for assholes looking to threaten my home.

May 20

But calling up a bunch of landlords and giving them a bullhorn to vent about missed rent payments only contributes to a culture of silence in which the majority of victims never report their assaults Read more