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Jones wrote Labyrinth and later the novel of Douglas Adams’ Starship Titanic. He also acted in and directed an episode of the Young Indiana Jones, and was the voice of Obelix in Asterix And Obelix Take On Ceaser.  Read more

12:31 PM

No, I’ve been covering the development of the series for the past few years.

11:45 AM

Can you imagine being a scriptwriter egotistical enough to have a copy of Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards! and Night Watch to hand and thinking, “No, I’m a much, much better writer than Pratchett. I’ll just use the names and make up my own stuff.” The arrogance of it is absolutely breathtaking. Read more

8:31 AM

I’m gonna be the cranky old guy here, but remember when io9 told you about cool things you hadn’t heard of before? I’m not just talking movies. Most of the authors I read these days are people I wouldn’t know existed if not for io9 reviewing their books or including them in their book club. Read more

1:35 PM

I’d warn everyone who might be interested outside the UK to stay away from any BBC trailers they might stumble across, because there’s something coming that you really don’t want spoiled.

8:53 PM

Completely disagree. Nothing takes me out of a fantasy show quicker than hearing an American or Canadian accent. I feel that accents from the UK convey a sense of medievalism that is inherent to the fantasy genre. I mean could you imagine Lord of the Rings with North American accents? It would just sound wrong. Read more

5:33 PM

I think you’re missing the point. No one cares about broom boy himself, but rather what he represents. TLJ definitely ended with the implication that more Force users would awaken across the galaxy. Force users who aren’t related to a Skywalker or Kenobi or, hmm, a Palpatine. It was a neat idea! And RoS ignores it Read more

3:47 PM

Objectively? Please stop trying to pass off your subjective opinions as facts 

11:11 PM

It’s also in theaters, with moving pictures and sound!

1:03 PM

Kennedy’s problem is that she’s from an earlier era of blockbuster movies, when you could make sequels and not really have to worry about an overarching storyline or universe. The Indiana Jones movies, which she produced with Frank Marshall, are a perfect example of that. Every movie has a different self-contained Read more

10:49 AM

This is the thing that annoys me about the complaints being levied against the show for not “sticking to the story”. The whole thing is the story! This isn’t a miniseries that needs to be laser-focused and its job is to explore the Galaxy and color in more of the pages that we generally don’t see outside of the Read more

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“ We might safely assume the Mandalorian was right and IG-11, no matter how Kuiil reprogrammed him, is still a killer. Read more

8:49 AM

This episode has the first live action appearance of Kenner’s Imperial Troop Transporter! If the Mandalorian and his crew get captured, I hope they are transported in the side pods with restraints!

6:34 AM

Another TLJ hater here. I’m in the same boat as HOJUX, but on a personal note, the idea of JJ himself being taken down a peg does fill me a with a certain amount of glee for reasons that date back to his handling of Star Trek. Read more