Today 4:24PM

I feel like people absolutely would. Idiots but, you know, they’re out there!

Yesterday 5:56PM

Will the Spanish cops need to get a special tool to fully remove him from the cell?

Yesterday 5:39PM

Tucker Carlson will be explaining tonight how this is all the work of Hunter Biden.

Yesterday 4:38PM

I don’t know.  You think it’s coincidence that he died the same day Warren Buffet left the Gates Foundation?  #Buffetknows

Yesterday 1:47PM

The whole thing just seemed petty and catty anyway from the adult standpoint. I read an article that said she was told by the couch that she couldn’t make varsity because all varsity players need to have a year of JV under their belt. But then they turned around and put someone on varsity who did not have that. It was Read more

Yesterday 12:39PM

The name for peacock in Spanish translates to “royal turkey”.

Yesterday 12:30PM

Who else? Mr. “Wrong Pretty Much Every Time” – Clarence Thomas.

Yesterday 11:31AM

Anyone who was predisposed to be an asshole before the pandemic is now going to be an even more entitled asshole because they were the only ones whose lives were disrupted. This applies to air travel, driving, waiting in lines, going to bars and restaurants, etc.

Yesterday 11:08AM

We should equip every commercial aircraft with a brig for unruly passengers. The capacity of the brig can be based on the capacity of the plane. A little Embraer E series should get by with a 2 seater brig. If we’re talking about an A330, you’d better bump that up to at least 8. Read more

Yesterday 9:43AM

We really need a cross-carrier “No Fly” list for these idjits, and the FAA needs to make it clear that behaving like a jackass on an airplane will cost you dearly. I’m thinking $25,000 fine for the first offense, plus No Fly for at least a year. Read more

Tuesday 6:58PM

20K? Lol. Not even close. I have a few aunts and uncles that are real estate agents (I actually just bought my first house with their help) and contractors who work together to flip houses. This video went pretty viral amongst real estate agents and we were going over it at it at cookout this Sunday. Just from what Read more

Tuesday 3:25PM

I understand the Denver housing market is insane and with Colorado Springs right down the street, this is all believable. Read more