Step three: After spending all the time to prepare the dish and plate it out, ignore it completely.

Apr 9

This effort is completely doomed unless Manchin and Sinema have some dramatic changes of heart, or the dems pick up senate seats in 2022. Both are very unlikely.

Apr 9

One more tip, if you get your dog as a puppy, handle their paws very, very often so they don’t freak out the first time you grab their paws to trim their nails.  Same for ears and teeth.

Apr 9

Please provide a picture of the GIANT YELLOW BOOT affixed to the Ever Given that keeps it from sailing off.  

Apr 9

The best impersonation of Phillip was John Cleese in “Time Bandits”. Cleese based his portrayal of Robin Hood on him.

Apr 9

Watch the closing credits of This Is 40, where she absolutely COMMITS to her bit while Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann lose their goddamn minds laughing, it’s amazing.

Apr 8

“Who in tarnation is Allen West,” you ask? - Who in tarnation are the majority of these people? 

Jun 4 2019

I enjoyed the in-joke of the installer guy (first guy to die) trying to impress by saying he knows someone and could get tickets to the Broad. Since the Broad is free. I'm sure there were other art world jokes that I completely missed, but that one I liked.

Jan 28 2019

Ok, so apart from Glass, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, A Star Is Born, Roma, If Beale Street Could Talk, First Man, The Predator (?!), M:I -Fallout, Unfriended: Dark Web, The First Purge, The Incredibles 2, Burning, BlacKkKlansman, Rampage, A Quiet Place, Ready Player One, Isle of Dogs, Annihilation, Hereditary, Read more