Jun 25 2019

The White House blocked the House Oversight Committee’s request that Kellyanne Conway testify before Congress regarding allegations that she violated the Hatch Act Read more

Jun 1 2019

I’m in LA for the Hollywood Fringe Festival for a show I wrote, produced and am starring in. I have only sold 4 tickets. I need to reach my audience: primarily women of color between 18-45 who are politically minded but I don’t know who to reach out to. I’ve been behind the ball on marketing because I’m doing Read more

May 11 2019

Many of us too were recently greyed. After two or three months out of grey, boom, one day i was back. I think this happened to a lot of people. 

May 11 2019

I’m a little sassy and irritable tonight, and I have no special qualifications to comment on British literature. So here goes ;)
Read more

Apr 19 2019

I thought that the days left that Joan had to live was significant because they had previously been intimating that she didn’t have long to live, something that tore at Gwen’s heart.  Popping up 2000+ days made it clear that she lived many years after the breakup.

Mar 17 2019

Eh, I understand what they’re saying but they seem like they’re laying this at the feet of people like Chelsea, which is crazy. It also seems like they’re opportunists too. They saw someone who was famous and knew that confronting her would get a lot of attention, so they went for it. 

Mar 8 2019

I actually really love that she’s talking about this. I had a shitty review at work this week, and feel like a total failure at life. To think that someone as respected and established as Juianne Moore could be fired kinda makes me think “you know what, no one is immune from this shit.” I know the shame she’s probably Read more

Feb 16 2019

I was in the heart of Oklahoma over Christmas, big hat, big oil Oklahoma country, and was leery because I’ve got a big mouth and zero fucks left to give but, in all my time there, mingling with a lot of rich people, all I heard was what an idiot Trump is. And these were all drunk people who don’t care what they said Read more

Jan 5 2019

I’m confident I will never be as fancy as those bouffant chickens, and I am fine with that.

Dec 22 2018

Job update: I got a call on Monday from the recruiter who did my phone interview. I now have a face-to-face interview with the pharmacy manager in charge of transitions of care and the emergency department. She would likely be my manager if hired. I’ve been knuckling down even more to make sure I nail this interview. Read more

Dec 14 2018

In middle school I spent a long time agonizing over my best friend’s gift. Having no money, I tried to get her something thoughtful that she would like. Her gift to me was a sweater that said “World’s Greatest Grandpa” - this was pre-irony. She later slept with my boyfriend in college and tried to sleep with another. Read more

Dec 9 2018

Just remember that no matter how perfect he seems, he still leaves skid marks in the toilet like the rest of them. 

Dec 8 2018

I always find that eventually it fades away or they do something that makes me say “Oh wait, nevermind”

Dec 5 2018

Came here to say that.  The insinuation that a black woman can’t be racist and/or xenophobic and/or out of touch is incredibly bizarre.