Apr 12

This guy gets cringier and cringier and cringier............

Apr 12

It’s really sad that Musk can still generate fawning articles by doing the most childish shit, which successfully detracts from how horrible of a person he is.

Apr 12

They are constructed like absolute trash. Let’s see, giant thing that has to go down the road at 90mph, through all elements, over all road salt, debris, bumps and potholes, and has to suffer the occasional bump into something solid. Read more

Apr 9

Another 99-year old man with a variety of serious pulmonary and cardiac issues taken in the prime of his life.

Apr 9

Gotta love Fox News. Covid hits and they’re all, “all the people who are dying are super old and on their way out anyways...” which convinces my crazy republican aunt and uncle to repeat that to me claiming it’s just old folk’s homes being hit as if old people are dispensable. Read more

Apr 8

Unlike many commenters here, I typically have patience with the Kardashian family. They just don’t get under my skin much. But this shit is beyond the pale to me for some reason. I guess I hit my cap. The idea of a 37 yo woman hopping on Instagram live to “prove” her body actually looks a certain way is INSANE to me.

Apr 7

“The Trump White House is nothing if not a beacon of bad precedent setting”. Read more

Apr 5

I can’t wait before my first thought after seeing a gif like this isn’t immediately, “No, it’s a pandemic!”