steel murkin
Dec 24

You need to chill out. If you’re a car enthusiast then you already know the specs. If this is a car enthusiast site then there is no reason to re-hash the same info that’s existed for 35 years about this car, especially when it’s readily available for you to look up if you don’t know them, unlike the majority of Read more

Dec 1

When I was in grad school in Michigan my colleagues and I each had a handful of cars at any given time. We called it the Detroit Countdown.
I have 4 working cars...wait. 3. I have 3, no, 2 working cars. Make that 1 car.
We also did a lot of biking. Read more

Sep 4 2019

Could God make a movie so shitty Eric Roberts wouldn’t star in it?

Aug 6 2019

Hell, I can get you a bachelor’s degree by 3 o’clock this afternoon... with honors. These fucking profiting-off-amateurs. Read more

Aug 3 2019

Draymond IS this generation’s version of Bill Laimbeer. If he wasn’t a part of the Warriors, they wouldn’t have had the near the success the past 5 years, so I’ll trade the cuddly image they could have had with the killers they’ve actually been any time. Teams are open about being physical with Steph to knock him off Read more

Jun 7 2019

Glad to. This is a list of the regions of the United States of America. Hope this helps.

May 15 2019

All you eat is something called Huel & quinoa and you are single? Read more

May 9 2019

What a bizarrely misogynistic reaction. And it’s “decent,” not “descent,” moron.

Apr 1 2019

All the people in these comments going “so what he took a Student Loan, what’s the big deal?” or “he could have gone somewhere else under scholarship and didn’t, his fault” are SO close to getting the point here. And yet, so far.