steel murkin
Dec 10

I get that you couldn’t do a normal sear after that much time in sous vide.  But I would think that a few minutes under the broiler just before serving could work some magic?

Dec 1

When I was in grad school in Michigan my colleagues and I each had a handful of cars at any given time. We called it the Detroit Countdown.
I have 4 working cars...wait. 3. I have 3, no, 2 working cars. Make that 1 car.
We also did a lot of biking. Read more

Nov 3

It seems like asparagus kicks in really fast - but not in the good way.

Oct 23

I’ve spent HOURS on my trainer over the years. MN roads are icy/salty for 5 or 6 months out of the year.
A lot of my friends swear by Zwift, but I use the Sufferfest app.  It runs on my laptop, and a USB dongle picks up all the garmin speed/cadence/HR sensors.  There’s usually a TdF type video, and a plot along with Read more

Feb 25 2020

Audi typically understates HP ratings of their cars.  Online quarter mile times for the S4 look to be around 12.8 seconds.  14.2 for the Camry.

Feb 13 2020

I don’t understand how it matters that his seat doesn’t recline.  If she wasn’t supposed to recline because the person behind her cannot, then the person in front of her can’t either.  Ergo, nobody can, and that’s ridiculous.  

Oct 28 2019

For starters, wear those Blue Blockers glasses at all times.  You’ll never get a sexually transmitted disease.  

Oct 1 2019

How come ‘directions to the library’ is like the second thing they teach you in every foreign language class? Slow your roll, man! I’m still illiterate over here.

Sep 26 2019

Does he think that MAGA hats somehow are NOT allowed at these games? I mean, someone might throw a beer at you, but they’re not gonna throw you out of the game. Read more

Sep 4 2019

You can tell it’s gonna be awesome when the blurbs in the trailer are provided by people who only give their last initial. Read more

Aug 22 2019

I was in Manchester recently, and met a couple young British guys at the pub. Tennis came up, and the guy volunteered that the only tennis player he could name was Andy Roddick. I reminded him of Andy Murray and his response was instant. Read more

Jul 30 2019

I’m probably jinxing myself right now, but I bought a 2011 S4 when it was 3 years old with 29k on the clock. 5 years later it’s at 75k. The thermostat on that supercharged V6 is notorious for going out at 40k miles, and mine did. Dealership fixed it for free, out of warranty. Other than that, absolutely no problems. Read more

Jun 3 2019

For a while, back around 2000, I owned an 84 GTI that I bought from the original owner. Kinda rough shape, but it was a sweet little car. So cool. Read more