Staxamillion McBucksley
Jul 19

Sir, it comes in Zeus Bronze Metallic, which is fancy brown:

Jun 10 2019

Time, for one, was on his side. Thiem, now 25, moved another year closer to his physical prime; Nadal, now 33, moved another year away from his. Read more

Jun 6 2019

Steph vs Kawhi is Alien vs. Predator. A startling and chaotic destructive force vs a flawless, relentless hunter. This series is awesome.

May 23 2019

// It’s 7am yesterday morning and the wake-up alarm has just gone off in Nancy’s apartment. She rolls over in bed and checks her phone. She has approximately 10,000 messages from fellow Democrats asking her why she hasn’t begun Impeachment yet Read more

May 9 2019

yeah cool, he’s only averaging 23.6 points/gm for the playoffs (on 44% shooting). which would tie him with larry bird for career playoff average, 25th overall in nba history. and this is a relatively POOR performance by his own standards (he’s 9th overall on that list). also he dislocated a finger and is averaging 40 Read more

Apr 24 2019

Also, that picture is an all-NBA best and will be meme’d for the rest of eternity as it rightfully should.

Mar 25 2019

Both cars I drive have the backup camera screen in the rear view mirror. I prefer that to having it on a separate screen. The disadvantages are of course that the camera display area is much smaller than the separate screens are and it does take away about a third of the mirror area when backing up. Advantages are it Read more

Mar 25 2019

I’d be okay with hucking every screen into the ocean, personally. (Just kidding—I know the fish don’t want to deal with them, either.)
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Feb 12 2019

Was this in some Indonesian league? Because if watching Indonesian action movies has taught me anything, it’s that machetes are the $7 check from Grandma of birthday presents there.

Feb 12 2019

I love the idea that in real time the ref was like, “pivot-caught the ball-one-two-lost control-pivot-pass-legal.”
Second, we’re like two weeks from Harden just bobbling the ball from hand to hand as he walks down the court before plowing headlong into a defender actively running away from him and getting like 10 Read more

Feb 5 2019

“I’ve been there, Lavar. You went in with dreams that you’d be the architect of something grand, but now you’re feeling trapped and just aching to see your son go somewhere that will let him stretch his wings like you truly believe he can. I know that story, Lavar. I’ve lived it. So believe me when I tell you, one dad Read more

Feb 1 2019

I’m getting a serious Tango and Cash vibe out of this trailer.

Dec 31 2018

I grew up in Illinois before moving away for university and I was at least partially politically-aware in the sense of I knew who my Senators were and had seen my Representative in person and other things like that. I never ever heard of Barack Obama in 2000; at a statewide level he was an unknown. Four years later he Read more

Dec 11 2018

I was promised everyone as furry. I see two of nine that have any animal-related costuming at all. :<  (Maybe three if you count Krampus as an animal)