Ford parts guy here. Except if the cluster is ordered from ford it has to be ordered VIN specific as well as with accurate mileage through a specific ford site. While admittedly people could order using a VIN from a vehicle they want a cluster from and have the mileage for their current vehicle for the new cluster. I Read more

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Isn’t this the one that Freiburger and Dulcich built on roadkill???? I’m pretty sure it is. Here is the video:

My uncle told stories of this car when I was growing up. My uncle lived out in Lansing back then and he would be out in Detroit tearing up the streets every chance he got. He said he raced it a few times in his own challenger but never could get anywhere near close to beating it. He would always say “ My car was fast Read more

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Well the Sport Ka had some odd commercials.

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I’d buy it just to walk around saying this.

I have been around these cars most of my life. I completely agree that they need to be driven regularly. $16k is a fair starting price on a project. Could probably be had for less than that. My grandparents had one up until a few years ago. Dad sold the car for my grandma. Only had 9,700 miles on it when sold. We were Read more

This was a few years ago. I still don’t see how my friends friend did not see through this. This is kind of a little bit of a prank. I am not going to name names but here is the story. My best friend and I were going out to a gun show. I had a rifle with me that i was going to have appraised. On the way we were Read more

I live about 15 minutes from Knightdale. They have had some issues with people acting a fool at Cars and Coffee..... That’s the main reason why i don’t go. I don’t have time for that crap. Idiots like this are the ones ruining every Cars and Coffee around here. And the people standing beside the exit aren’t helping Read more

I’m not from Michigan but i have ancestors buried on Mackinac island. The island is where my ancestors originally settled when they came to the US many generations ago. This does genuinely piss me off. Read more

I sometimes go and sit with a cold drink and await its next victim. It is quite hilarious the sheer stupidity of people thinking they will fit even with the over height warnings. Read more

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Not all heroes wear capes. And some come disguised as the villain. Read more

He wakes up. It was all just a dream. He gets up. Looks in the mirror. Brushes his mustache. Gets dressed. Walks downstairs and grabs a cup of coffee and fires up the grill. Tells Gene to turn the open sign on. Looks at his wife and says “ Linda, i had the weirdest dream last night” Read more

We still have to get safety each year..... luckily my pickup doesn’t need emissions inspection since its pre-1996. But my Mustang still has to pass emissions..... :’( I want long tubes and offroad X-pipe dang it! Read more

I honestly dont see the relevance in emissions testing for inspection anymore other than to make extra money and screw those over who cant afford repairs etc etc etc..... Read more

Many NC counties did get rid of OBDII requirements. However there are still a few that require it. These counties still require OBDII emissions testing: Read more