Apr 8

This is not my favorite Si, that being the previous generation for its styling, but those are starting to fetch stOOpid money, proving that analog driving is very much still in demand as cars continue towards the abyss of being a computer on wheels with 2 pedals. Read more

Apr 5

At my current job I deal with GAP claims that have gone horribly wrong, like lawyers are involved, people are screaming, children are crying. That process provides a great deal of insight into the financial decisions people have made in the past. Read more

Apr 2

My Land Rover Disco is stock, other than the PO fitted yellow Bilsteins to it. Which improve the handling at the expense of a bit of ride comfort. There is absolutely nowhere it can’t go that way that I have any desire to be. It is plenty high off the ground already. Read more

Apr 1

Meh, you’re making a big deal out of nothing because there’s nothing to CSW—chunky station wagon—styling. A box on wheels with some type of inoffensive grille in the front and some type of meets-DOT-regs tail lights in the back. Boom! Done. Read more

Apr 1

you would call them lanekeep assist level 1 and level 2.  not give them dumbass names that make the poorly educated public think they can press a button and fuck off and take a nap. 

Mar 25

Yeah, he seems like one of those “alpha” losers who don’t understand that a true alpha, if they existed (the whole thing is based on a discredited theoryby the very guy who developed it, evenabout wolf pack hierarchy), wouldn’t think about being an alpha, wouldn’t give a shit about adhering to someone else’s idea of Read more

Mar 25

Grossly generalizing and talking out of my ass, i would guess its the combo of disproportionally male, white, suburban, military educated guys who make a career out of following regimented checklists and procedures everyday, and have greatly inflated self importance and egos to go with it. It all factors in their Read more

Mar 25

Mercedes: The $30k-$35k target was to buy the vehicle, not the annual maintenance bill.

Mar 24

1. Trucks and mid-size and larger SUVs have a STUPID high residual value
2. 36 month old off lease ones with 40K miles are still $25-30K
3. Putting $5000 down on that and borrowing $25K out the door for 60mo is still $449 a month @ 3%
4. That car will still be running just fine @ 100K miles assuming people change the oil Read more

Mar 21

Did you watch the video at all? she linked it at the time stamp to show all the turns. The sketchy one was the last aborted left turn. The system didn’t detect a truck AND a truck towing a boat as a moving target (yellow designation instead of the blue in the other attempts) and was literally about to pull in front of Read more

Mar 17

Or, if one is a discrete sort of motorist, with a penchant for the understated charm of a mid engined V12

Mar 15

I am shocked this car exists. The ones in nitrogen rich environmental chambers rusted away within a week and this thing some how exists when it obviously wasn’t stored in optimal conditions. Read more

Mar 14

Ohio is definitely not the case - I work in the title industry and we’ve been booming because of low interest rates. It’s been a seller’s market for at least two, going on three years now here. The house I own is now worth a LOT more than it was when I bought it, but I can’t justify selling it to buy another house (or Read more

Mar 11

Old cars were often very durable, but not the safest in terms of preventing injuries. A lot of modern cars look like disasters after crashes because they minimize the forces impacting the passengers with things like crumple zones.

Mar 11

He’s in Chicago.  Illinois still has a lot of 55 roads where the flow of traffic is either 20 or 80, depending on the time of day.

Mar 11

There are so many Explorer ST’s around where I live. They are apparently flying off the lots. I have no idea what you are talking about.