SquishyWWishy the Grey, An Actual Adult*
Dec 20 2016

I work in pharma, dealing with FDA regs daily (just as a note: we produce zero drugs with addictive potential, working only in immuno-oncology & a few other fields, nothing like this absolutely predatory drug area. Please don’t @ me.) A LOT of people who work for responsible pharma co’s are completely freaked out over Read more

Dec 10 2016

Having it myself and watching my daughter adjust to it, I definitely see this in her actions. While I think we expect impossible perfection from our beloved-for-the-moment celebs, I also think there’s a time when we have to learn to apologize in a genuine manner for things that came about due to brain&speech racing Read more

Dec 5 2016

Totally agree! My youngest insisted on an iPhone but I’m a Samsung girl. I’d love to have the ability to check in with her location across platforms. The fact that it shares automatically after 5 minutes if you don’t answer a request is pretty great.

Oct 24 2016

My sister and I saw it this weekend and found it pretty hilarious. It wasn’t extremely innovative or anything like that, but the whole theater was laughing frequently and we’ve been quoting a couple of lines already. I think it’s getting a bad rap - it’s not like there have been a ton of fresh hilarious options Read more

Oct 4 2016

I did include, in a follow-up comment, that they don’t support Trump, they have had a personal experience that makes them feel like they can’t vote for Clinton. After I messaged a couple of them about this yesterday, one said he probably wasn’t going to vote and the other isn’t sure he will. I can respect that. Read more

Oct 3 2016

I totally agree with you on this. The family I’m referring to would, too. I think I did a bad job of saying A) the shitty opinions are held by people I love, not Trump, and B) they don’t defend Trump; they despise Hillary.
Also, my loved ones aren’t running for President so their shitty opinions affect wayyyy fewer Read more

Oct 3 2016

As much as I’d really like to agree with you, it’s just not that easy to characterize veterans (much like we can’t say things are universally true of any group.) Concerns about the use of the military, state of our intelligence capabilites, antagonism based on specific situations with Clinton and even areas unrelated Read more