And our newest rescue, Louie (as named by my son, but whom I prefer to call Lucifer)

Sharky (aka SharkBoy)

Exactly; thank you for pointing that out! Read more

Mandated reporter here...it never hurts to report if you have genuine concerns. Let the authorities sort it out. You never know if your report will be the 3rd, or the 4th, or whichever one will be the one that triggers action (sadly, sometimes it takes multiple reports, especially in 'mild' situations)! Read more

I have Dwight's Suspicious Minds on the ipod at my desk...still love that song! Read more

I agree! I actually went to their concert in high school—against my own wishes, but to cover it for the school newspaper—and really enjoyed it! Of course, there’s a picture of me holding an ‘I love Isaac’ sign in my senior yearbook, which embarrassed me to no end at the time...but it was a great time. Read more

Yep, it just added a little more pizazz. Although now, in hindsight, I probably still would have felt pretty fancy on those particular days with or without the little bottle trinket. Read more

I would occasionally get mine (not weed) in those little ‘message in a bottle’ things with the little cork...the kind you can find through Oriental Trading for, like, $.20/each when you buy a gross? I always felt pretty fancy on those days. Read more

The Gawker article indicates that she now sees Trump differently, as a candidate rather than an employer. I got the impression that she no longer supports him. Read more

I spent far too many years in a ‘minimizer’ bra before I finally embraced the facts (and was properly fitted at this great little boutique); fairly certain that my shoulders STILL have the indentation marks from those damned minimizers! Read more

I’ve already texted my sister (aka Laura) a ‘Guide me, sister, for I cannot see to find the prairie house, as I am blind’ text.... This was definitely my favorite growing up (the books AND the show), and I frequently made my sister lead me around in play-acting the sisters. Of course I got to be Mary, simply because I Read more

I’m sorry I missed it at the time (my kid had homework and so I was cruelly torn from the Interwebs) but your gif game was strong last night! Read more

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here watching this video about 100 (more) times. Ahh, those were some good times. Not that I was there or anything...but, good times. Read more

And that’s exactly how I knew you were all my type of gals. Read more

Well, it was the first night we’d stayed overnight with each other. And while I didn’t mock him to his face, I definitely did with my friends—and now, to strangers on the Internet. Read more

Yeah, that’s good...because it was pretty obvious what he was doing. Read more

Oh, I definitely get the confidence thing. But think of how much more confident you’ll feel if you rock the buzzed style than if you’re always trying to hide the fact that you’re losing/have lost your hair. I can’t imagine that always worrying about if she’s noticed that you’re balding would boost self-esteem! Best of Read more

I say, when you do get to the point of no return, that you embrace it entirely. Shave/buzz it, but embrace it. There’s not much worse than a balding man who tries to hide it. We can tell! I once dated a guy who would not take off the baseball cap...like, he’d wear it to bed unless he thought I was asleep. Ridiculous. Read more