Jul 2

Part of me wants to buy the book solely to make sure she has enough money to fight her uncle in court. I have no desire to read anything about 45, ever, so I guess it’d be a nice doorstop. Or a prank gift for a conservative relative.

Jul 2

I hope Trump keeps trying to block this book all the way to SuperDuper Court, and the delay turns all his dirty laundry into an October surprise instead of a July piece of news that gets forgotten after a weekly barrage of bullshit.

Jul 1

Imagine going to a party in the middle of a plague in the country with the most cases of said plague, knowing that this increases your risk of catching aforementioned plague, and then getting mad that you weren’t IMMEDIATELY warned that you were exposed to the fucking plague. Read more

Jul 1

I absolutely agree that it was right to rehome the child. I’ve seen friends struggle through the adoption of special needs children through an international process (Korea and China) and it was hard on both families - especially the one with older kids who then had an “oops” pregnancy months after their adoption was Read more

Jun 30

I guess it depends. I prefer to be less noticeable, but noticeable enough not to get smoked by a car!

Jun 30

I mean, it’s also the same “infighting” that caused otherwise rational people to vote for the Republican party and Donald Trump in 2016, because they just couldn't vote for someone on the other team. Don’t you think it makes more sense to learn about the positions of the available candidates and vote for the one that Read more

Jun 30

Kim Kardashian’s DAD made his own wealth. She parlayed his money and fame into celebrity connections, which resulted in a sex tape > increased fame > increased wealth.

Jun 29

Even some of his former advisers are issuing dire warnings about his reelection chances. “Under the current trajectory, President Trump is on the precipice of one of the worst electoral defeats in modern presidential elections and the worst historically for an incumbent president,” said Sam Nunberg, a one-time Read more

Jun 25

No. We’re New Yorkers, we don’t know how to drive OR how to stay in our own lanes! We can appreciate his general competency at managing a crisis (and speculate wildly about whether his nips are pierced) while also critiquing his ties to Big Real Estate and his related shittyness to renters during this pandemic. Or the Read more

Jun 25

Is the “11 11" tattoo on her wrist her last surviving connection to him? The tabloids seem to think so. Read more

Jun 25

When I watched my car’s odometer hit 111,111 miles, I was more excited than I care to admit (though it was several years after Nigel Tufnel Day).