Sep 4

Well, that review took an unexpected turn... I did not expect to read about a “Faustian trade-off between access and ownership” today, but here we are.

Sep 4

Dear Will, if you took a second to try and review the *game* Microsoft Flight Simulator instead of the concept of cloud and games as a service, maybe you would have done the tutorial, which would have taught you to fly VFR (which incidentally is the only form of navigation actually included in the tutorial).

Aug 6 2018

He’s been a bit of a dick in the past, but he’s apparently had a bunch of stuff going on in his personal life that he’s been able to get over/deal with/handle, and he’s been better in the past year or so. 

Apr 3 2018

Probably not bastion because he doesn’t come apart, he jut changes shape, so its still one character.

And probably not Torbjorn because you don’t control the turrets or have any real influence over their actions. You just put them down and the a.i. takes over.