Jan 22

I’m into it. I only buy Welkin and BP so I usually track at one 5* every other banner unless I’m lucky. Spacing new 5* makes it easier to save up - and ideally will give me a chance at a C1 Diluc at some point (god willing)

Sep 30

Sorry, but I do not buy that you would be just as weirded out if someone said, ‘I may just be a simple guy/girl/dude/bro - I just refuse to believe it.

Sep 30

Today I learned that the boulder Sisyphus is pushing has a smiley on it. Didn’t think this game could get any better.

Sep 29

The logic gymnastics people are playing in these comments to defend this company is incredible to me. Just because CDPR has the rep that they’re a benevolent and wonderful utopian bastion of quality and progress, doesn’t mean they don’t eff up from time to time. It’s okay to like Witcher 3 and think that this is super Read more

Sep 4

Wait, this was reviewing a game? I thought it was a TravelAdvisor post on some mine. 

Jun 19

I have to assume this game will end up having the most important story in the canon leading up to KH4.

Apr 14

Honestly? Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age. It’s incredible, and while not my favorite or the best (that’s IX) it’s the most playable by modern standards while not being a complete cluster cuss like the XIII trilogy. Read more

Honestly? Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age. It’s incredible, and while not my favorite or the best (that’s IX) it’s the

Apr 2

Naughty Dog/Sony isn’t the Red Cross. They’re a business. Business want money. They obviously won’t just say that. There’s nothing nefarious going on here.

Mar 31

Oh god I thought it was just me. I barely survive even small random encounters. 

Mar 13

She’s been given another young skin because the point of the Archives event in general is the Overwatch characters and their pasts. Hence, Ana younger. And Reaper before the mask. And Cadet Tracer etc. 

Feb 6

Ha. I think you called Outer Worlds The Outer Wilds a few times on accident. 

Feb 1

Wow I do NOT remember this game having such trash character models :/ looks like an N64 game 

Jan 6 2020

You do realize the Switch version is the same in Japan and the US right? So you’d have to get your anime boobs from another source regardless.