Sep 10

Tried it on every platform.  It plays best on Xbox One, controls are on point.

Sep 7

You must be one of those people who just hate fun. Whatever floats your boat, dude.

Aug 27

OK, that Crash Bandicoot skit was the creepiest, most depressing thing. Read more

Aug 27

I think that what’s really cool about this project, about this character, specifically is that everyone’s trying to flip the narrative on what it means to be a princess” Read more

Aug 19

The reason Fortnite became so big was largely because after it became the center of attention, it released content updates fast and often in order to stay in the lime light and keep people talking. Read more

Aug 19

It can't be, because I actually understand why this game is fun and enjoyable 

Aug 17

That recurring bite, sting and burn of racism is why I quit playing games like COD and Overwatch unfortunately. My “friends?” couldn’t understand why I would quit two games that I honestly excelled at over people being stupid and racist but I tried to explain to them that the mental toil of constantly seeing and Read more

Aug 13

The whole 1984 angle and having all of this response prepared in advance really put a sour taste in my mouth. Trying to create this weird public discourse and use your arguably easily-influenced fan base to try and get what you want is...I mean, it’s on brand but it’s really gross. The extremely public and Read more

Jul 17

every time I attempt to turn off the blockers - I am reminded by the crippling slow pages with video and banners that cover half the page and scroll with you - it’s bonzai buddy levels of stupid these days and just not worth it - I find umatrix to be able to stop 99% of the stuff - and on pages that have the Read more

Jul 16

Dumb design decision. Some loading screen with tips and/or story exposition let you take your time with a confirmation button after the actual loading finishes. Let the downtime be at the whim of the player.

Jul 3

Uuugh, if it’s anything like the rest of the vr experiences in japan, I’d say skip it... Read more

Jun 14

Come on Zack. Buy me bonestorm or go to hell!

Jun 11

Man, I can’t wait for Bugsnax to launch! Such a great showcase of the PS3's upgraded hardware; sure, the mouth animation is still pretty PS1-era basic when our Steve Irwin ripoff talks, but there’s a ways to go until this stuff is perfected. For now we have these awesome graphics and original story that’ll fit right Read more

Jun 10

The master race, everybody...

Jun 8

I strongly disagree. Match quality has never been better since Role Queue was added. And if you disagree, look forward to open queue coming back as a secondary option.

Jun 7

There are a few things that had me immediately hating on this game. First, Riot. Second, that it feels more like it’s cashing in on CSGO and Overwatch than a distinct, separate evolution of them to be judged on its own merits. Third, is the gunplay. It just looks like CSGO Overwatch (the in-game “suspected cheater” Read more

Jun 2

Technically, Sonic '06 canonically ends with preventing the events of Sonic '06 from happening!

Jun 1

for those puzzled about the death of the site, remember: Sonic died once and was resurrected by the kiss of a princess, so just wait.

Jun 1

huh, If I reacted like that every time i’ve said something dumb I’d have to burn my house down

May 31

That is .... among the shittiest reasons I’ve heard to make a sequel, but I 100% buy it. Read more