Apr 8

Why does it feel like people are rooting against Hydroxychlorquine working just so orange man looks bad?

Mar 28

I’ve been loyal to Playstation since the PS2 but I have absolutely zero interest in PS5. Sony’s management change in the past few years that has gone all in on “Cinematic” games and nothing else has killed any hype I have. Shit like raising the price of PS+ without adding any new features to justify it, Censoring Read more

Jun 4 2019

Sony’s show last year was the worst E3 show I had the displeasure of watching. All of Sony’s first party games save for Spiderman which wasnt being made by their own studio were samey looking third person over the shoulder action games that we had already known about from previous years. The audacity to have a fucking Read more

May 14 2019

I was shitting on Ubisoft when they wanted to censor Rainbow Six last year and I hate censoring of Nazi imagery and things of that nature 

May 14 2019

Are you one of those people who believes that what Sony is doing isnt censorship? The PS4 version is massively censored and no sane person would pay full price for a game that had its main selling point ripped out of it.

May 14 2019

Reminder to everyone that Sony fucked over PQube hard when they cancelled the release of Omega Labyrinth Z after PQube was literally done with the game and ready to ship it.

May 8 2019

As backwards as China’s censorship laws are atleast theirs are clearly defined and enforced unlike a certain Japanese but not really platform holder. 

Apr 16 2019

Nintendo’s reputation doesnt seem to have taken a hit because theyre allowing Senran Kagura and Nekopara and the like on the Switch. Its still selling gangbusters. Read more

Apr 16 2019

Sony feels the need to protect the children from the horrifying sight of an anime girl in a bikini but shit like this is perfectly fine for Sony’s family friendly platform

Mar 11 2019

Had I known beforehand I wouldn’t have bought the PS4 version

Mar 11 2019

“Censorship isnt a slippery slope”
“They’re only censoring perverted anime games”
“It’s not censorship unless its by the government”
Anyone wanna add some more excuses to the censorship apologist pile? Read more

Jan 4 2019

They cant bring themselves to admit that the evil gamers were right. 

Dec 19 2018

Sony going full censorship should be on there.

Dec 12 2018

Well Red Dead Online has an actual premium currency that is REQUIRED for purchasing some items in the game Read more

Dec 7 2018

how come Kotaku will report on Steam doing it but not Sony doig the same thing? 

Nov 29 2018

Article says that players can freely choose between the new and old art. The weaboos moaning about censorship dont get that option 

Nov 15 2018

All the stuff that Playstation has put out this year was greenlit under the previous management. Current management has nothing which is why theyre skipping E3 and PSX