Spotted Dick
10/08/19 5:29PM

“The difference between Israel-Palestine and China-Hong Kong, then, is only that Israel has been more successful in branding its conflict with those it oppresses as genuinely above reproach than China has thus far been with its dealings with Hong Kong.” Read more

10/08/19 5:20PM

genuinely unsure how anyone with any reading  comprehension could come to this conclusion

10/07/19 7:56PM

Oh so apparently this whole time the St Louis Cardinals Doing It The Right Way™ took offense at bat flips because they weren’t extreme enough. Read more

9/25/19 10:02PM

It’s wild that “running down the field with the football and not being tackled” is the most useless skillset in the NFL now.

9/16/19 9:40AM

What absolutely miserable human beings these people reporting her must be

9/15/19 5:47PM

I dunno, maybe a great jersey just makes our leading man look better than he really is, but being there, given the choice between the Leonard and the Gardner, you gotta chance the Gardner.

8/19/19 9:52AM

I mean, I’d never really considered it. What if I really am just a belly-itcher?”