Spotted Dick
10/02/19 1:50AM

You’re just mad he scooped you on the release of Amy Klobuchar’s healthcare platform

9/20/19 4:39PM

If the NFL is serious about punishing those who expose themselves to women and then threaten and intimidate the accuser, they might wanna cut ties with Peyton Manning

9/15/19 4:43PM

What idiot called it keeping the ball in Minshew’s hands and not Constant Gardner

9/07/19 11:14PM

There are no rest days when you’re trying to crawl out of the grays for good

9/07/19 4:30PM

Taking the Army to multiple overtimes is a fun tribute to the war in Afghanistan

9/06/19 2:53AM

I’m a 6'3 225 immobile white guy with a bad haircut and despite never having played a down of football I’m confident there’s a GM who’d take a flyer on me.

9/05/19 7:46PM

Come on is there really anything wrong with helping this young man look presentable in mainstream society

9/04/19 9:46PM

Government officials fail to do the bare minimum to satisfy a minority in Milwaukee? I thought the Democratic convention wasn’t until next year

9/01/19 5:50PM

9 people from Toronto and no hits... what is this, Broken Social Scene?

8/03/19 12:37AM

Some dipshit regulatory consultant almost certainly get paid 600k to convince them that slapping their name on each constituent product makes them less likely to get broken up on antitrust grounds.

7/23/19 9:06PM

Who would’ve guessed 296 vs. the Chargers would also be his credit score

7/23/19 5:03PM

Boris Johnson’s favorite part about EuroLeague basketball is watching Europeans get punished for traveling

6/20/19 2:27PM

What a waste, just letting a baseball stadium in Florida sit around empty. But anyway enough about the Marlins

5/26/19 7:35PM

The last time Trump was excited about carrying something 4.5 feet tall and 60 pounds, Ivanka was 9

5/17/19 6:18PM

I think it’s totally understandable that he doesn’t want a pic like that to be the centaur of attention

5/12/19 10:04PM

That ball spent so much time on the rim Derek Jeter just proposed to it

5/04/19 1:49PM

Now I will say this: We always look at the end result of what happens, which is 100 percent what matters, right? But as we’re learning, two of those eight holds and snaps, it wasn’t 100 percent. All right. I’ll leave it at that.” Read more