Jun 5

The reason they didn’t stop is because you are not supposed to touch people with suspected neck injuries. You have one person stand nearby to call for an ambulance and deal with the situation. Read more

Jun 5

Two officers suspended. I would expect every single officer who walks past an injured person wihtout making sure the person is getting help to be suspended.

May 5

Excellent list of sold out stuff ;)

Excellent list of sold out stuff ;)

Apr 26

Wifi 6 can - from what I understand - actually adapt automatically to changing channel congestion issues, so no need for any more manual scans and hope other people don’t come and hop onto “your” chosen channel. Read more

Apr 23

It literally depends on where you live.

For me living in the middle of a forest where I literally only rarely see another WiFi SSID of my neighbpr’s show up, the only reason 2.4 isn’t quite good enough is because my microwave interferes. Well that and the sheer number of devices I have using Wifi and Bluetooth.

But Read more

Mar 24

So let me get this straight. A show that refuses to die about a nightmare pandemic is killed by a real nightmare pandemic. That’s fly-in-your-Chardonnay ironic.

Jul 16 2018

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

Jul 11 2018

Yeah, yeah, you know, like I just told my coworker, he is into great thrillers and conspiracies right?, and I was telling - “him yo! check this guy AndrosZ, his cousin Julio believes in alien conspiracies and there is a new movie coming to Netflix about it man!” -. And he was like -“Whaaaa, like the Gibson guy with Read more

Jul 11 2018

Okay so my cousin Julio knows this dude who is all about alien conspiracies and he tipped my cousin about this alien invasion and I was like “Oh man!”, so I started to get prepared, you know? 

Jul 10 2018

Weird. I had my last cigarette while putting the vape I ordered together, didn’t smoke a single cigarette after and gave up the vape a few months later by rolling down the nicotine content over time. Read more

Jul 10 2018

Anecdotal Evidence - I smoked a pack a day for about 15 years and tried quitting dozens of times. I started vaping in September of 2016. It took me about a week of vaping to realize how terrible cigarettes tasted and then another 2 or 3 to get it through my stupid face that they will and have always been that Read more

Jul 5 2018

I’ve been able to find some newer TVs that have 3D but it’s usually reserved for the ridiculously expensive sets and it’s never advertised anywhere.... You have to hunt it down in the tech specs.

May 24 2018

When I switched to vaping, I just couldn’t get into any flavors, even the ones that mimicked tobacco. Read more

Apr 27 2018

Nope, I use it. 3D touch on the keyboard to move the cursor to exactly where I want it. That alone makes it indispensable. Read more

Apr 27 2018

Dad? How do you feel about professional sporting events, player salaries and the price of gasoline? (To prove you are my dad) Read more