Spikejnz - Ezekiel 25:17, trolls!
1/16/20 5:34PM

Wow! Harsh crowd. I’ll take my 2017 M6 and leave!

1/16/20 4:45PM

So many harsh comments as per the usual. A few of them reek of jealousy to be honest. Having sold many cars in my lifetime, I can side with the guy saying he’s in no hurry to sell. So if he says price is firm, would that make some of you happy? He probably doesn’t have to sell it, so he’s happy waiting for the right Read more

1/16/20 4:05PM

You are correct, lazy ass authors and Doug Demuro call it a flop when it was only ever a contractual obligation to Holden to sell them in quantities of about 3K per year.  Mission accomplished.

1/16/20 3:13PM

I often see the SS referred to as a sales flop. I was under the impression that Chevy only brought a small number of these to the states each year and they all sold. Sure, it’s still a small number of cars for a company like GM, but the SS was a niche vehicle from the start, and with Holden’s death I don’t think there Read more

11/27/17 5:02PM

Part of the appeal of the SS is that it does not stick out like sore thumb. Why people want their performance cars to automatically be slightly more obnoxious than t day-glow Lamborghini, is frankly beyond me. The vast majority of buyers might actually want a performance car but they do not want it to scream Read more

11/27/17 4:35PM

I wish people would stop saying “no one bought them.” They bought as many as GM would ship. It wasn’t marketed. It wasn’t special looking (though it was understated beauty with excellent proportions). And yet, even with that, they sold every one they made. Yes, I know there are a few left on dealer lots, however, it’s Read more

1/26/17 12:44PM

Maybe they’re probing the market to see what the response would be.

1/12/17 11:22AM

Hey there, another one! Picked up my ‘16 in October for 20% off + 8% off from dealer. Friggin’ BEAST of a car. Don’t even care that it’s a 6AT.

4/04/14 9:56AM

While I think the work is absolutely fantastic, I did want to say the first image... for some reason the outstretched arm just seems... disjointed? I can't quite figure it out. Like it's someone else's arm? Read more

4/01/14 1:18PM

Michael - Being trolled by Jalopnik on April Fool's Day will be one of my greatest memories. Kris @ Aristocrat Motors

12/11/12 1:32PM

Tuned 2007 Saab 9-5 Aero, feel free to make fun of it all you want, plenty fast. As well as the 89 Supercharged Mustang GT I used to drive... but hey, it's the internet, you won't believe me anyway.