1:55 PM

Ah yes, the ‘We have to make things worse before they can get better, never mind the collateral damage and the fact that revolutions rarely turn out the way you want them to’ plan.

5:24 PM

Gm gets shit on more than just about any other company I can think of. As the owner of a 9 year old Volt its amazing that nobody else other than Honda has anything close to it. Whereas it felt like it was YEARS of us listening to Tesla talk about cars they planned to launch, seemingly always years away, once the Model Read more

10:35 AM

Yup, I heard one rogue tire sequel in the opening scene for Ronin. Turned that shit off immediately. Then there was that one time I almost watched Gone in 60 Seconds....but then I heard a Windsor block in place of a proper big block and decided to burn my entire entertainment center. Read more

1:14 PM

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Uber employs the drivers. An independent contractor MUST fulfill these criteria:

1) The service they perform is NOT central to the company’s business. This is astoundingly not true for Uber. ALL of Uber’s income happens when a driver picks up and drops off a customer.
2) The worker is free Read more

11:57 AM

Price setting is the key factor. ICs are by definition able to negotiate their price for their service. Uber can offer the option to set the price per ride, or to take a set salary or a set hourly wage. But as of now their ICs are stuck with a centrally set price and no power to change those prices even if it were an Read more

1:47 PM

It gets worse. No matter what car you drive, people can see your location in real time and without authentication, can read your license plate, and can even watch you inside your own car. Read more

1:40 AM

I’m not arguing that the perception of an object’s color cannot be affected by movement,* I’m saying that that is not what is happening in the video - it’s not the “movement” of the dots (an effect of the phi phenomenon - the dots aren’t actually moving) that causes the change in perception, it’s the rapid alternating Read more

1:24 PM

“But a second argument in favor of doing such a thing is the inherent versatility of a range-extender.”
^This. I’m a little worried the auto industry pendulum is swinging too hard towards all-electric. The Volt powertrain isn’t obsolete, it was just in the wrong kind of chassis for today’s tastes. Put the Volt Read more

12:23 AM

Dude, I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, but keep that stuff far away from me. If anything, the Corvette has been UNDERRATED for a very long time. The reason the Mustang is so popular with younger people is because they are EVERYWHERE, and almost everyone grows up with someone in their family that owns one. Also, Read more

10:26 PM

I think this is a weird take because Corvettes have literally infinite times more class wins at Le Mans than Mustangs.

9:01 PM

Typical Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, at the front lines of government meddling in private business activities.