Jan 16 2020

Except even 2JZ fans are smart enough to know it ended production in 2007.

Jan 16 2020

I’m going to go replace my power window engine. Or my windshield wiper engine. But, not until I replace my pesky HVAC blender door actuator engine.

Jan 8 2020

I agree again. The problem isn’t so much that cars cost more today (even adjusting for inflation) because of all the newer tech they have, it’s that wages haven’t kept up with inflation. That is, of course, a problem that sorely needs to be addressed.

Apr 22 2019

Because it’s far more complex and demanding than the simplistic reductionism portrayed in your post.

Every one of the four wheels must be taken off and a new one secured properly in less than 2 seconds. With the new wheel sizes an F1 wheel and tire setup probably comes somewhere in the realm of 25-30lbs.

A front and Read more

Dec 10 2018

“It was at that moment that Anna started to realize she had made a horrible mistake. Waves of humiliation began to crash over her, threatening to drown her, and eventually washing away all sense of decorum. She began to beg. ‘Please just say yes.’ Her dejection became even deeper as she heard her idol instinctively

Dec 9 2018

A little bit of salt, pepper, and some olive oil. Cook mine to medium (so sue me) and I’ll eat every bite.

Nov 28 2018

A more modern, sleeker “War of the Worlds” style third brake light would have worked real well with this new body style.

Nov 26 2018

So basically what I’m hearing is that in a few years the only American sedan available will be the Dodge Charger. 

Aug 3 2018

I dated one person that was horriblr about this. I usually tip 20% across the board because it's easy math (more if the food and or service was fire). She, on the other hand, would refuse to tip if even the slightest thing was off with her eating experience, real or imagined. She has actually taken money off the table Read more

Jul 29 2018

For once Hamilton had an excellent start. Someone taught him how to properly launch the car. 

Jul 25 2018

It’s a scientific fact cars run better after a wash and wax. No idea why, but a freshly clean car will happily purr along at least until the next fuel fill up.

Jul 21 2018

RC-10L? That’s a deep cut.... Since you may be one of the few to understand this, as a long time nitro racer i’m impressed and hurt to see the way electric racing has pretty much taken over the R/C scene now. Lipo and brushless almost make nitro engines obsolete. But the sound of a car switching into 2nd gear and the Read more

May 17 2018

This has got to be someone trolling you. No other explanation. Unless there were pick (untouched, no Photoshop) if the author driving said Captiva with joy in his eyes I refuse to believe this was a real response.

That said, either way the response to your challenge was brilliant.