8:44 AM

I woke up an hour before my alarm clock too! I tried to go back to sleep for about forty more minutes, especially because I want to summon the dreamy fictional tattoo artist I was dreaming about. But i was unsuccessful and now my alarm clock will go off in twenty minutes so I’m laying in bed doing this.

7:06 PM

Nice choice! I haven’t read that one. If it wins, maybe it should be a 2month book so it can carry over into Oct for our scary theme.

12:04 PM

I hope you feel better soon. I found pregnancy to be no fun at all so I feel you. And your friend is an ass. I tried to breastfeed and gave up after barely a month. It’s hard and painful and nobody tells you that. I felt guilty for a long, long time because I couldn’t manage breastfeeding. No one should feel that way. Read more

11:06 AM

You’re probably right. I’ve never had less than a terrific experience in bed with much older men.

10:07 PM

Mine was the same, although I bet Obama is good in bed and I bet Biden is a great husband so it was a hard choice. I had the briefest of thought, “do you think kanye is good in bed?” and immediately laughed at myself because I’m positive he is not.

7:19 PM

I’m reading a couple books and not much enjoying any of them. I think I’m in a book rut after all that good Chelsea Cain. I have two books waiting for me to pick up from the library. I forget what they are, but I hope they’re better than anything I’m reading now ;)

10:52 AM

Mykid is away for the weekend and I was super excited to be able to sleep in. I thought I could even sleep until 11am! I woke up at 8:30 :-/

10:15 AM

Oh man, hahaha. After I told my 4yr old how old I really am, she responded, “Wow! I hope you don’t die before your next birthday!"